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Say Hello To Boris Zhivago

Don’t say goodbye, say hello to Boris Zhivago’s outstanding new album “The Last Goodbye.” It’s techo, hi-NRG, electronica, Italo, synth pop, and eurodisco al combined to create a delicious unforgettable, trippy, trancey, danceable concoction.


Much success with this release!  Very classy video!  Peace!!!  –J. Medley Thank you for creating an amazing outlet where music can be heard. It is a beautiful thing! Fader Lima – J’Attends |YouTube| |SoundCloud| |MediaFire| |Artwork| …

I Wanna B Like MOBY

Another inimitable single release from electronic maverick CC Sound Factory! A refreshing mix of electro-breaks, captivating bass lines, uplifting melodies and adventurous arrangements, the single is irrepressibly catchy, packed with pretty crushing grooves. Available on Beatport, Amazon MP3’s, iTunes and…