4.19.13 Davide Squillace @ Sound Nightclub – Hollywood, Ca

4.19.13 Davide Squillace @ Sound Nightclub - Hollywood, Ca


19/04/2013 - 20/04/2013    
10:00 pm - 10:00 am


Sound Nightclub
1642 Las Palmas Ave, Hollywood, California, 90028

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Davide is not available for comment. He’s got to catch a flight; he’s rushing to the studio; the stage manager is frantically hurrying him into the booth; he’s meeting to discuss plans for his labels…or any of the other myriad reasons why Davide feels like he hasn’t slept, eaten or stopped running for what seems like his whole life.

Born in Siena, raised in Naples, it took a trip to London for Davide to finally discover electronic music. Wooed by the mood and sound of the British scene, he returned to Naples flush with energy, excitement and a knowing that this new calling would consume him.

Davide immersed himself in this world in every conceivable way. In 1999 he began studying at the Naples’ school of sound engineering, tinkering with his first productions, promoting techno events, and finally performing. His first releases on Primate Records and Conform were a cadence of his arrival and showcased the young artist’s steadfast style.

The realm of possibilities for one of electronic music’s leading lights is endless. Unfortunately, the minutes in the day are not. Davide’s answer is simple – do what you love and make no compromises.

>>David Squillace
Twitter: @DavideSquillace
Instagram: @DavideSquillace


Lauren fell in love with electronic music at the age of 16 when she discovered the late-1990s rave scene in Philadelphia. After being exposed to many types of music through different disciplines of dance and instruments, new influences kept pouring in ranging from hip hop (like Wu-Tang Clan, The Roots, Gangstarr, Biggie and Tupac) to classic rock (Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and Led Zeppelin being her favorites). Records were always part of her life even though she grew up in the cassette/cd/mp3 era.

Expect to hear a mix of deep, funky or vocal house, minimal, tech-house, latin/tribal and groovy disco inspired beatsbasically, anything that will make your body move and keep the energy up.

>>Lauren Lane
Twitter: @laurenlanenyc
Instagram: @laurenlanequestionmark


VIP and Table Service – 323.656.4800


Sound offers a variety of “Sound Bites” from gourmet Kobe Beef Sliders, Croquettes, and Shrimp Rolls to late night favorites like our Bacon Wrapped Sound Dog and Crispy Tater Tots.

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