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AVP: Technology

Didges Christ SuperDrum’s new album, “Alien Technology” is a super concoctions comprised of may different musical styles including, tribal dance rhythms, Goth, electronica, industrial, techno, experimental, and rock. Sounds ambitious doesn’t it? But let m tell you, it works. DCS’s…

Say Hello To Boris Zhivago

Don’t say goodbye, say hello to Boris Zhivago’s outstanding new album “The Last Goodbye.” It’s techo, hi-NRG, electronica, Italo, synth pop, and eurodisco al combined to create a delicious unforgettable, trippy, trancey, danceable concoction.

Elen Cora’s “House Of Cards”

Elen Cora, an exciting new artist from Russia has a bombastic new CD out titled “House of Card.” Tracks “Drama,” “Miles Away,” and “Tightrope Dancer” are burning up dance floors worldwide. read the review o House Of Cards at ,…