DMA (Dance Music Authority), the magazine, had an exciting run as a print publication, from 1993 – 2003. What started as a black and white newsletter, quickly developed into a full-color, nationally-distributed magazine. You might say “Dance Music (Lives) Again” in our newest incarnation, on the Internet, as the online source for all things dance music!

When the record / music industry collapsed a few years back, dance music departments at major record labels were eliminated and many of even the strongest independent dance music record companies closed their doors. The way people listened to and purchased music was rapidly changing.

The elimination of dance departments and closure of many labels resulted in a much smaller base for ad revenue, needed to keep a magazine like DMA afloat. With printing and shipping costs skyrocketing, we decided that DMA had run its course and the magazine was shuttered. A strong ten years with dedicated writers and contributors, in addition to very loyal following among dance music enthusiasts, was a significant achievement.

That was then, this now. A new day, a new spirit. Dance music will always be popular with music enthusiasts and clubgoers. People will always want to dance. People will always want to listen to music that makes them feel good. Our goal is to become the Internet’s dance music source. Our vision is to build an all-inclusive site where everyone in the dance music community can contribute and participate. An inviting destination where you can click and choose whatever interests you on our site.

Free from the constraints of a printed magazine, we’ll bring you interviews with clubland’s hottest DJs and artists, genre specific columns and interactive reviews. Want to hear a song that’s being reviewed yourself? Click and listen! Want to give your feedback on a review? Click and give it! Totally interactive! Informative video interviews and product reviews of the hottest new DJ equipment will provide a vivid, virtual tour versus merely reading about it.

Our ultimate goal: To make DanceMusicAuthority.com a trusted, entertaining and informative resource for anything related to dance music. Yes, the Dance Music Authority. Can we do it? Time will tell. But with the help of our enthusiastic and talented contributors, and dance music enthusiasts worldwide, we’ll assimilate the varied information and opinions on the music that excites our souls and stimulates our senses for the global dance universe. We believe!

DMA – Dance Music (lives) Again!

Gary Hayslett
Dance Music Authority Magazine

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