DJ Quad IBB – See So Say Strings & Sounds
2016 updated re-do of a track I did 28 yrs ago, my attempt back then to sound like the big wigs of house music using a casio cz1, roland 727, a roland tr626 also as a sequencer (LOLOLOL!!!), and a host of Yamaha cheezy pss 680 keyboards with I think a real keyboard at the time…..laugh and as always, enjoy! P.S. some djs that knew me back then, already have the orig copy of this !

By Malcolm Starchild

Malcolm Starchild  is the name ,I'm currently VP of 4tha3rdtime Records, I was born and raised in Chicago, IL… 4tha3rdTime Records is a new EDM label out of Chicago..Look for new music from Dovie Cote',Harold Brandon,DJ Interlude,DJ Quad of In Blueblackness…. I have three kids Mary 30, Kendra 23,Asare 22 ,(pronounced Uh-sa-ree) & 3 beautiful grand children. I'm on DMA for business and social interaction, so feel free to drop me a line if you're a positive person.

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