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Urban Legend & Shadow Land by Bileebob & Black Echo Zone

John “Bileebob” Williams and Scott McEntyre of Black Echo Zone join forces to deliver this seven song EP via that is destined to become an instant Detroit Techno classic. Their hit synthpop single So It Goes begins the experience and takes the listener on a journey of DJ friendly Tech House, Electro and Ambient soundscapes with a hint of Acid along the way.

Bileebob creates sexy electronic music featuring vocals, soft & hard synths, hand-made instruments, and life sounds. He has been involved with the Detroit and Midwest electronic music scene since the mid 90’s. He has performed internationally in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland and Nova Scotia as a member of the Detroit Grand Pubahs and Underground Resistance. As a DJ, he blends a seamless mix of all genres, including techno and house, electro and new wave, twisting knobs and tweaking the EQ to the crowd’s anticipated delight.

In the mid-90′s he sang lead for a local ska band, The Exceptions, and released two CDs and various comps with them. He has released tracks on Underground Resistance, SubBass SoundSystem, Plan B Recordings, JiveElectro, THROW and +8.

Black Echo Zone is a creation by Scott McEntyre in an effort to meld old classic Detroit Techno sound with new unfamiliar rhythms and beats. When listening to any BEZ collaborations the listener will hear deep bass along with beautiful melodies and driving drums escaping to a new world of sound and imagination and darkness.

Saturday, July 23, Bileebob and BEZ will be performing live at Northern Lights Lounge in Detroit to celebrate the release of their new EP along with live performances by Blaktony (Optic Nerve, AUX88, Aux Men, Alien FM, SCAN 7) & Tunnel 7 (Unknown Soldier UR, Ray 7) with DJ Eric Hinchman (DBDJS, =QUAL)

Urban Legend & Shadow Land by Bileebob & Black Echo Zone is now available on cassette tape, compact disc and digital download with limited edition vinyl currently in production.

Stream Urban Legend & Shadow Land:

Download Urban Legend & Shadow Land (320kbps mp3):

Scott McEntyre & John Williams are available for international bookings and interviews. See contact info below for more information.

Eric Hinchman

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