WordPress Is In The Music Business. Let’s All Get Down!

Deep Web

This nugget is definitely a pleasant surprise–particularly if you’re a fan of WordPress (WP).

In the spirit of full disclosure, we’re big fans of WordPress and have been “Proudly Powered by WP” since April of 2008.  Enough said.

To cut directly to the chase, WordPress is throwin’ down in the music business.  Without any fanfare whatsoever, WP has started flexing in the concert promotions arena, achieving mind-boggling results in a remarkably short period of time.

Enter the Childish Gambino and his Deep Web Tour.  WordPress, the omnipresent publishing platform, which powers more than 20% percent of Internet websites, is sponsoring the tour.  They are selling-out shows at every turn!  Chicago is totally sold-out!!!  You do the math, because all that matters to us is that WP is getting down in the music biz…and that makes us smile.   We also like the fact that this tour is encouraging folks to learn how to write code.  Hey, we all know that software runs the world.

Childish Gambino & WordPress

We have ranted about a WordPress music festival and record label.  Moreover, we have long asserted that WordPress and the arts go hand-in-hand.    This is tangible evidence in support of that assertion.

— J. Medley

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