History Repeating Itself!


Sarah Dash of LaBELLE joins her 2 teenage cousins (aka AVE’) to cover the LaBELLE classic – “What Can I Do For You?” This dance remake pays tribute to the great Patti LaBelle, Nona Hendryx, and Sarah Dash. Three tremendous producers: DJ Mibor (Spain), DJ Ermi (Italy) and Grammy award winning producer – Maurice Joshua (USA) contributed their talents to this amazing project. Unlike other projects, BPMs range from 128 to 115, resulting in 3 very different tracks with a music video soon to come.

” by Keedz, Universal France.

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  1. Legendary track – check it out on Tracksource under Nu Soul Records (Maurice Joshua).
    Thanks bregina.

  2. davuluri tracfone

    History Repeating Itself! | Dance Music Authority (DMA)

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    History Repeating Itself! | Dance Music Authority (DMA)

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