12/26 – From the Soundboard – Humanity Can Do Better Show [Show #100]


From the Soundboard is a show that usually focuses on concerts regardless of genre. Artist and/or group perfecting the art of “call and response” with its audience. On Wednesday December 26 (Show #100) we’re gonna do something different.

In recognition of the devastating madness that happened in Newtown, CT, the continuing recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy, the ongoing political standoff in Washington, DC and the countless of other real life stories where insanity trumps common sense, this show will be based on the theme, “Humanity can do better.” You will hear many songs from many artists in many genres. The common denominator will hopefully show that we are all human. If you are up, then tune in while I’ll get on my soapbox. 😉

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  1. Okay folks for those who couldn’t stay up or wake up around 3 am, here’s the show with almost an additional hour of stuff. Happy New Year!!!! Hopefully in 2013 is when we can start getting better.


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