12/12 – From the Soundboard – The Wormhole Holiday Fundaiser

From the Soundboard is a show that usually focuses on concerts regardless of genre. Artist and/or group perfecting the art of “call and response” with its audience. On Wednesday December 12, will be a pitch show. That means that the loyal listeners of WBAI must spread love monetarily. I will try to entice y’all by offering a very cool gift that was approved by science superstar Michio Kaku. I will play the appropriate music to set the mood right and since we are about two weeks away from the end of the world (according to the Mayan calendar) why not have some fun now. I can assure you that this show won’t be dull.

From the Soundboard – The Wormhole Holiday Fundaiser
Wednesday, December 7, 2012
midnight to 2 am
WBAI 99.5 FM in NYC
www.wbai.org worldwide

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