12/29 Behind The Groove at The Gallery @LPR – NYC

Behind The Groove
w/ DJ DP ONE from Famous Heavy Hitters and DJ KS *360 (KwikStep) Full Circle Souljahs
at The Gallery at LPR

10 PM // 21+

$5 BEFORE 11:30 // $8 AFTER

Behind The Groove
BEHIND THE GROOVE “Playin’ the classics that make you move.” w/ DJ’s: DP ONE, KS 360 (aka Kwikstep) & AFRO BEAT.

Spinning Funk, Soul, Disco, Hip-Hop, Salsa & House
DJ DP ONE from Famous Heavy Hitters
One of the busiest DJs on the U.S. B-Boy/B-Girl scene, DJ DP ONE might rock as many as three events a day, zipping to and from battles and clubs in his home town of New York City.

Born in a very legendary year for Hip Hop culture; 1977, in Brooklyn, it is no surprise that he is not sure when he first witnessed Hip Hop. He was born into it!

DP ONE first put his hands on the wheels of steel at the age of fourteen, at the home of the Alava family, known for their house parties, where he finally saw two turntables and a mixer together.

DJ KS*360 (KwikStep) Full Circle Souljahs
Kwikstep , known as DJ-KS 360 on the turntables is an internationally known Hip hop dancer/ choreographer/ poet/ actor and hand percussionist. Kwikstep (DJ-KS 360) began dancing at the age of 8. He started working his way up from the local parties then the clubs and later started touring the world as a Hip hop dancer. He later ventured into theater and production where for more than 15 years has contributed to pushing the standards of a new genre called Hip-Hop theater. Kwikstep (DJ-KS 360) founded a crew he called Full Circle in 1992. In 1996 Kwikstep and his wife B-girl Rokafella established Full Circle as an internationally acclaimed non- profit Hip hop collective known as Full Circle Productions INC, it’s members are known as Full Circle Souljahs.

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