Underworld w/ DJ Templar at The Gallery @LPR 12/22/2011 – NYC

w/ DJ Templar
at the Gallery @ LPR

10 PM // 21+

$7 // $5 with printout or flyer

Fueled by the blood of Dead Fairies and Driven by Dead Unicorns!
DJ Templar

Well I am a drinker and a smoker and no I do not plan to quit but thanks for the concern. I am a Catholic, and no its not cool to be a cynical twat without faith the substitute is mankind and well..that alone should be enough to put the fear of a God inside you. I am a bit of a conservative and traditionalist which tends to put people into a state of shock when they first meet me, it’s always good to kick down a paradigm here and there. In my spare time I also DJ under the name Templar. I spin mostly Goth and Death rock though if it’s good I will play it. I am very opinionated, if I do not like something I let everyone know it, some call it a fault and I say fuck them. I am a very loyal friend to those worthy and will leap through fire for ’em. Currently I can be found nurturing my Priest on World of Warcraft or trying to get some reading done for fear of brain atrophy.

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