More Than Enough w/ Amir and Elite Camp DJs Sickroc & Unkle Chip 11.19.11

More Than Enough
DJ Sickrock & Uncle Chip spin: Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, House & Reggae.

Like legendary treasure-hunters, Amir has spent the past twenty-five years excavating record bins finding gems to pierce ears with. Fortunately, everyone gets to share in the riches of his labor; long-forgotten musicians are now getting their proper dues and appreciative audiences are being turned on to some amazing music.

Since first putting it down with partner Kon in 1997, Amir has co-released a total of eight albums; six On Track installments of critical acclaim, another album called The Cleaning, and most recently, an album appropriately titled, The Kings of Diggin’ along with DJ Muro from Japan.

As a child, Amir’s sonic environment included his father’s jazz collection, his mother’s gospel and his older siblings’ disco. Later, when he listened to hip-hop, he came to fully appreciate the soundtrack of his youth. In early Run-DMC and The Treacherous Three songs he recognized many of the samples used on the beats from his family’s music library. When he heard samples he couldn’t identify, he would investigate until he found the original source. This came to be his passion: to map the sonic lineage of hip-hop.

Thousands of hours, dollars, and record stores later, Kon & Amir are ready to bring five more expertly compiled double-albums to the forefront for us to enjoy. They have managed to salvage some of the greatest music you’ve never heard. Audiences who are tired of being force fed subpar music will thank them for providing an alternative. As Amir puts it, “We made this for the neglected audience, for people who are looking for mature music. Simply put, these treasures are food for the soul.”

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