9/30 Dances of Vice Presents: Jack With One Eye @ The Gallery at LPR – NYC

Come meet the new girls at One Eyed Jack’s at DOV’s Twin Peaks themed lounge and dance party, featuring…

Live Performances By:


Your DJs:
TEMPLAR (Underworld/Red Party)
MIZ MARGO (Dark Sparkle)

…spin Crime Jazz, 1950’s & 60’s Rock ‘n Roll, Blues, Rockabilly, 80’s Dark Wave, and even Uncle Leland’s big band favorites.

Dress Code: 1950’s Film Noir Chic, 80’s Suburbia, 90’s High School Melodrama, Josie Packard Glam, Perfume Shop Girl Mod, Plaid Anything, Polka Dot Ties, Log Accessories, Large Glasses, Hawaiian Shirts, Cosby Sweaters, FBI Agent Spiff, Rebel Without A Cause, Lumberjack Style, Coral Lipstick, High Waisted Pencil Skirts, Eyepatches, Sunglasses at Night, Flared Trousers, Jock Mode, Jessica McClintock, Newshoes, Blue Velvet, Big Hair, Homecoming Queen Posh, Flannel, Flesh World, Trucker Realness, Dead and Wrapped in Plastic, etc…

This is a general admission event in The Gallery at LPR.
DJ Frankie Teardrop
When not behind the decks, Frankie Teardrop can also be found on bass/keyboard/theremin with NYC post-punk outfit Funeral Crashers, and writing for Deathrock Magazine and Post-punk.com.
-via New Goth City
DJ Templar

Well I am a drinker and a smoker and no I do not plan to quit but thanks for the concern. I am a Catholic, and no its not cool to be a cynical twat without faith the substitute is mankind and well..that alone should be enough to put the fear of a God inside you. I am a bit of a conservative and traditionalist which tends to put people into a state of shock when they first meet me, it’s always good to kick down a paradigm here and there. In my spare time I also DJ under the name Templar. I spin mostly Goth and Death rock though if it’s good I will play it. I am very opinionated, if I do not like something I let everyone know it, some call it a fault and I say fuck them. I am a very loyal friend to those worthy and will leap through fire for ’em. Currently I can be found nurturing my Priest on World of Warcraft or trying to get some reading done for fear of brain atrophy.
DJ Michael Leviton

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