9/29 Wax Poetics Records and Skullcandy present: DJ Premier meets Kendra Morris – NYC

September 29, 2011



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Wax Poetics Records and Skullcandy present a series of monthly showcases in New York City at Le Poisson Rouge. The series will team legendary DJs from the pages of the Wax Poetics magazine with Wax Poetics recording artists.

Of the series, Wax Poetics founder Andre Torres says, “In the last decade at Wax Poetics, we’ve strived to tell the stories of legendary artists while connecting the dots with up and coming talent on the music scene. The Wax Poetics Record Label Showcase gives us the opportunity to feature the artists on our label alongside the legendary musicians that inspire them. We’re excited by the possible collaborations that may come out of this showcase in the future.”

RSVP towaxpoetics@lprnyc.com. Please include date of show in subject line.

DJ Premier meets Kendra Morris
DJ Premier

There’s an old saying: Rap is something you do; hip-hop is something you live. No truer words have been used to describe this music and culture. And no individual more truly embodies the second part of this maxim than DJ Premier-turntable technician, producer, and now, record label founder. Borne out of his daily operation to restore skills, soul and integrity to hip hop (ingredients that have been sorely neglected in recent times), Year Round Incorporated, DJ Premier’s very own independent record label, is finally now a reality.

“I’ve always felt that it’s important to have a name-whether it’s my publishing, production company or email address-that has some real meaning to it,” says Premier of how he christened his imprint. “‘Year Round’ describes me fully because I’m always working.”

Though Premier is renown as both a member of one of hip hop’s most respected groups, Gang Starr, and one of modern music’s top aural architects, there’s an equally valuable if less celebrated aspect to his tireless work: championing new and unheralded talent. Preem has been a crucial figure in the early development of some of rap music’s modern legends specifically, the Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, and Nas when all were still relatively unknown, emerging artists, and went on to collaborate on classic records with each. He’s brought light to such other well-respected acts as Freddie Foxxx, Heather B, G-Dep, and M.O.P. well before other producers and DJs were willing to take chances on them. And he continues to seek out new underground records with an honest enthusiasm and passion that few of his peers possess. It’s in this spirit of breaking rap music’s significant voices of tomorrow that Year Round Incorporated carries its mission.

Kendra Morris
One might never expect such a rich and mighty voice to emerge from Kendra Morris’ petite frame. Her potency as a singer and performer grew from a childhood immersed in music.. Kendra moved to New York City in 2003, making music inside a tiny closet with only a guitar and 8 track recorder, always keeping it simple- an aesthetic that continues to shape her sound. The southern influence of the soul and humidity in her voice adds a raw energy that one would attribute to a generation long lost to the internet and digital media. Morris’ voice is a courier to a world where oral storytelling is the only means for passing on lifes lessons, humor, and drama. After releasing two self-produced EP’s she teamed up with seasoned producer Jeremy Page ( The Cars, Ed OG, That Handsome Devil) to work on her self titled EP. The collaboration has produced a collage of tracks that echo the music and experiences of her childhood. Kendra’s real strength lies in combining mysticism and the strange emotions invoked by the human spirit.


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