7/27 From The Soundboard – Mandrill

From the Soundboard is a show that focuses on concerts regardless of genre. Artist and/or group perfecting the art of “call and response” with its audience. On Wednesday July 27, will be a pitch show. That means that the loyal listeners of WBAI must spread love monetarily. I will try to entice y’all by offering DVD and tickets to a upcoming performance by one of Funk’s most versatile band. They are Mandrill.

“Mandrill’s jam-heavy brand of funk was liberally infused with Latin, Caribbean, and jazz influences, plus blues, psychedelia, African music, and straight-up rock. Their freewheeling approach was a definite influence on the Parliament-Funkadelic collective (an early incarnation of which actually served as their opening act), and their grooves have been sampled by numerous hip-hop acts in modern days.” Steve Huey [All Music Guide]

From The Soundboard
Wednesday, July 27
3 am to 5 am
WBAI 99.5 FM in New York
www.wbai.org Worldwide

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