The One to Watch in 2011 and the years to come – Isaiah Grass

When people experience some of those lifetime changing unexpected moments, they either crash or crumble under the pressure. Isaiah certainly does not belong in any of those categories. Over the years, Isaiah had explored into what most guys his age only dream of. He has captivated those from many facets of entertainment and revealed incredible potential to make his mark in not only music but modeling as well. He has also left a positive influence and inspiration to those who know him.

The start of his career has been an amazing journey due to the enormous acceptance on the world wide online community. Fans from all over the globe have expressed a remarkable feedback which has only motivated Isaiah to continue doing what he loves the most, which is singing and writing music.

In almost 5 months, his popularity has escalated from 53 fans to over 11,000 followers in a well-known social network internet site. In less than a month his first single “I’m a Freak” was sold out forcing his managing company to expedite the production of more CD’s which originally were produced for promotion events.

His second single titled: “Starting Over” released on February 18, 2011 has become a favorite-one for many of his followers. Currently Isaiah is about to launch 3 more singles within the upcoming weeks. The production of them is under the direction and creation of very talented industry insiders in Chicago’s music business.

Learn more about Isaiah at: For more information regarding Isaiah Grass & any press enquiries please contact Giovanni Ricardinni at contact(at)

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