saturday night large pajama party June 4, 2011 @ supperclub – LA

join us for the high point of your weekend. bring a hungry mouth and an open mind as we pamper all of your senses into culinary submission, battered as they will be by food, drink and wicked entertainments…

the evening begins with amuse bouche and cocktails at 7:30pm in our bar rouge, that you may prepare for the dinner experience to begin at 8pm…


DJ Reflex and DJ Michealis bring the beats for you to get down in your finest nightwear… sexy lingere and PJs… it is the ultimate pajama party… in bed

for guaranteed club entry reserve a bed for bottle service, or make a dinner reservation and stick around for the party…

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  1. Hey guys!
    Is there a way to possibly get on the guest list for this event??

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