De Venezuela Valle De Caracas’ Para El Mundo!Sin Distingos De Raza,Religion,color,o,Credo,Soy Mauricio A.K.A. Mr.Johns’ Rap,Pop,Hip Hop And Diferents Styles And Remixts Music’Recorded Artist’Bienvenidos ! Thank You! Mr.Johns’

I Started as a Model in Venezuela ..made a bunch of TV comercials WHEN TO Modeling school at Germans Institute along with other famous guys Germans Institute by the time was the greatest place .in this Institute they prepared all the must wonderful ladies that wanted to be at the Mis universe ,two of them Won the contest as well as Miss World. Then after that i when to Acting School diferent places like CELCIT In parque Central Central Caracas City,i did Teather for two years ,after that i when to Radio Caracas Televison TV STATION where i worked in Papers Novelas and i the same time i took Acting Clases with Deseapeer Greatest Actriz Amalia Perez Dias ,i started in all this as an Actor

..i had the plasure to be working with famous good actors as well as actrizes Victor Camara ,Carlos Camara,Mariela Alcala’,Conde del Guacharo,Amalia Perez Dias,Fernando Carrillo,Jaime Araque,Gigi Zanchetta,i many Papers we had the greatest time ever ..wonderful times..then i went to Luz Columba Acting Clases. i’ve always wanted to be an actor .Had the chance to work in a venezuelan movie with Producer Cesar Bolivar and here in U.S.A. Worked in Rebel With Out A Cause as Pedro.but the Music was there in my heart the same time i used to work with my father making shoes at our shoes factory in Venezuela we made shoes for 47 years my family was a Shoe Maker,i always when to the beach surfing and joging all my life ..i have never stop surfing for long time since i was a 12 year boy

..been in Hawaii ,as well as Pueto Rico Rincon Jobo’s ..Great Waves. at the North Shore Hawaii Pipeline as well as Sunset ,Waimea. Bay ..Waikiki ..have many Friends in Hawaii Profetional Surfers like Bony Martinez ,Rob Machado,Any Iron,Bruce Iron,Sunny Garcia,Jake the Snake,Mark Okiluppo and many others famous surfer guys of my favor is Mr.Laird Hamilton came in to U.S.A Where i had the Plasure to meet Mr.Piero Adragna ,along with Mr.Raul Sotillo ,and Mr.Rafael Mendoza A.K.A. ECXXELL Great Artist Music Maker ..where i had the chance to make my first Album ”Asi Soy Yo” Reggaeton ,Salsa ,Hip Hop,2007 ..and then in 2008 i did You Drive Me Crazy” English and Spanish for the Convertion ..then on 2009 i did ‘Oye Morena” my Therd Album ..As Well As The Music Video ..have many many others E.P.K.’S Music Videos ..on you tube ..they can be cheked out at YOUTUBE/RAULXL1 and some of them at Mr.JOHNS1000 yOU CA CHEK MY Official at . as many other pages . myspace.commrjohnshawaii and all my music is on sale at RECORDUNION AS WELL AS SOUND STATION AND ON RECORD UNION WILL BE AVALABLE AT 24 DIFERENT STORE S IN THE INTERNET GOD BLESES ALL OF YOU


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  1. Thank You Very Much! God Bless..Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 โ˜†Success 4 Every BODY!โ˜† XOXXO ๐Ÿ™‚ Johns. ๐Ÿ™‚

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