Focus Puller ‘Millipede’ Out Now on Evasive Digital

Available exclusively on Beatport:

1. Millipede
2. Flaccid Tabard

– Nick Warren: “Millipede is the bomb”
– Al Bradley: “What a blinder of a release – ‘Millipede’ is a cracker, love the twists & turns in this, excellent. ‘Flaccid Tabard’ is equally ace, superb tough tech vibes with a touch of Detroit-ness about it. Wicked!”
– Greg Eversoul: “Solid tech funk from Evasive as usual. Both tracks are nice. Really like Flaccid Tabard!”
– Nathan Coles: “Nicely twisted”…

For those not in the know, Focus Puller is the new alias for Mike Healey, and this metamorphosis signals a transition in his approach to producing and performing. Mike now prefers to concentrate on creating live sets of his new material, rather than the conventional conveyor belt procedure of completing a track and moving on to the next one. This new live material has then been arranged for release, and two tracks ‘Breathe Easy’ and ‘The Grinch’ have already been brought out on Roomba and Cubism respectively, winning support from people such as Funk D’void, Paul Woolford, Reset Robot and Nelski amongst many others. This then brings us to this release, featuring two mighty tracks which have been shaking the foundations of Evasive HQ.

Quirkily entitled Millipede and Flaccid Tabard, both tracks on this release bear all the hallmarks of Mr. Healey’s uniquely bold and twisted production style. Mercilessly heavyweight Tech grooves, bass-driven and laced with atmospheric pads, synths and vocal samples, both tunes have already been road tested as part of Mike’s live sets, receiving a rapturous applause on the dancefloor at Mike’s residency, the Cubism parties @Source Bar in Maidstone. This is hardly surprising as listening to these tracks can be likened to the Fruit Pastille challenge…can you resist the urge to dance!

DJ support from Nick Warren, Terry Francis, Nic Fanciulli, Hijacker, Jota Wagner, Nathan Coles, Tyler Stadius, Nils Hess, Al Bradley (3am), Robert Owens, Gee Moore (Bora Bora), Prinz, Nik Feral, Adam Collins, Anderson Noise, BERNY, Denis A, Denney, Dima Fly, Greg Eversoul (End Up), Chris Udoh, Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJ’s), Justin Steel, Mark Gwinnett (Cubism), Nick & Danny Chatelain, Ornette C Waite (MHYH), Ray Colclough (MHYH / Beat FM), Richard ‘Merlyn’ Martin, Tim Andresen, Robin Ball (Socialeyes), Jason Pepperell (Juice FM), Mike Kiraly (Simple Progression), and Lucas Hulan (Nightphunk).

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