4/15/2011 – Revolution w/ DJ Dijital @ supperclub – Hollywood, Ca

Congratulations. You finished your taxes. You deserve some relaxation. Take your shoes off. Get comfy. Be hungry. We’re going to be here a while. 4 courses $75 – doors at 7:30pm – curtains at 8:15.

The ReVOLution will be Plagiarized! Our weekly Friday surrender to the clamoring masses breaks out again, with DiJital steering the rebel ship! doors at 10:30pm

DJ Dijital is active since the mid-90s with his electro, solid rock and mash-up sound. The man known as DJ Dijital spent years on the turntables spinning in an array of some of the most underground clubs and parties in the world. In the words of DJ Dijital, he plays “a free type of music where you can do whatever you want. Late night party music for late night people.”

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