FOGCLUB Dates: Every other Sunday – NJ


Dates: Every other Sunday
Admission: This club is invite only. Invites must be requested by admin, I have heard some pretty crazy stories about the people that have been rejected so don’t take iot personal and remember this club may be in newark but it carries a price tag well over a million. They are defiantly trying to complete create a scene and take over it.

NJ’s Only After hours nightclub. We took everything you hated out of late night clubs and turned it into a paradise sex laced crowd , incredible music that chanalges the many over played and worn out dj’s of the 90’s

Fog does not close untill at leas 9am but there is zero tollerence for sloppy, out of shape and unacruate guy/girl ratio.

Update: Paris Hilton had tour of few and stayed for a coupel of drinks, had this to say “As you might all know I had alway ssid nothing good happens after two AM. Well, I am going to have to retract that. It seems as if the owners of feul went practiclu overboard with selection of staff and the customers that the staff grants membership. Fog is not a club it is a life style, adventure, journy and most of alll a seclusion of undesirables. ”

TThe owner of feul went threw pain staiking risks by communicating with Tunnle nightclub owner “Peter Gation” for design help. When we asked peter for comment he had this to say:L
” Tunnle was a memory that will live with many of us forever. Fog, well fog.. has taken probably the most expensiove sound, lighting and differential compression technicians along with an interior design that is almost worst visting alone to a level that maybe a madman created?

Fog has already proved that the eltronic muisc industry is not failing, it needed a monsters upgrade that changes the game. So all we have to say to you, get yur hands on the invite, go and enjoy and then try and stomch the old fashion over used gaudy jersey clubs. Theres simpl y no comparison. And that in itself has got to be the most shocking part of this afterburners club.

We had our consumption tryto do a ruff estimate on the potienal costs of fog and he seemed to beelive that the wood work, and the sound prisms ( that allow you to talk in the relaxation area but feel a deep bass that praticly mimics a heart attack may have ran over 2 millin dollars. There is nothing logical or even markatbale about these levels of spending. Our anylis, as hard is this may to believe has told us that some of the translucent see-through augmented panels are so new that the betaprotypes have not been even listed as a price. Rumors of the consumer versions are well over 9000 and guess what, these panels were custom and allow interactive while maintain complete clarity.

On top of this actually work of art that cannot even be described without a certain degree of knowledge we have the resident dj “Notallthere” Depending on what kind of music yu like, yu will either love him or become obsesses, Again, reviews liek these are always difficult to type because normally it is pretty easy tp pick things out about thye performers or venue.

Although notallthere plays songs that we all love and recgnice or sound editor that closey floows eletronioc music informed of the astounding leven that DJ notallthere creates new beats on a fly, changes vocals, ands depth, and has even been know to scramble words while mixing createing new meanings while circling rythmes. All of this sounds on top of his signature hypnosis backround can only do things yo.

The club opens at 2am and closes 3pm or later. Sound crazy? We acutally would like you to try to leave. Maybe it is the well thought out design or the fact that I has some led liqued movments built into the paint that has ,itterly not ben even released.

otom line is it is petty clear that fog was a passion project and the cost of this pale acuallly be higher the nCrobars.

Oh and dont let us forget the spearks. There is none!! What you say. It eally gets more and more incredible,. Speakers are not hidden yet seeded with nanos throught the wood eletroding the floor and air hence prodocing an almost unlimied control of bass and treble.

Since I am a wise spend and a firm believer that excrescent is surley waste, The new Fo is somting to behold. I have never in my life seen a concept of a dirty night club become one of the most technology advanced buildings while manting an enrgy flow that seems to promote good vibes. Not much more to say just try and get a member shit and if you do, walk through airlock sliding door that has a silence level below human hearing (yes you really heard that)

If you are 21 or 45 I I suggest you try geting into fuel, Their members look liek they were hand picked and run through amachien to create the perfect mosels. Another fun litle thing to try is stand still and try not to leat your shoes jump off the ground.

In th eend there is only one thing to say, JP may be booked but when DJ notallthere sits in, we are in store for one of the most brain washing , nobody moving industriable events ever.

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