3/18 MARK ALMARIA : REES URBAN : JAVI DOCE @ Midway Rotation!!! – Chicago


Cafe 207

5842 S. Archer Ave

Chicago, IL

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Josh Moseley, Rees Urban, Mark Galvan, Mark Almaria, Javi DoceShow all (5)

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Midway Rotation @ Cafe 207 [FREE all night long]


Mark Almaria [IHR : Carizma : Impact Mechanics]

It’s an honor to host such a great Chicago icon… After being diagnosed with SSHL & Tinnitus, Mark took a break from his love. But, he is back!! You couldn’t mention any huge event in Chicago back in the 90’s & early 2000’s without Mark’s name popping up. From his glorious mixtapes that would consistently sell out [Creamy Groo…ve Machine, Get It Together, Higher… etc] to his tracks that was in everyone’s crates which lead to mix comp licensing deals from Kevin Saunderson’s “KS02” off Trust The DJ along with various others. MA is ready to give us some long awaited love! Check out Mark’s recent interview for 5 Magazine…


Rees Urban [jackinthebox : 5 Magazine : IHR]
Javi Doce [Beat Tech Production : Chicago Jaxxx]

Brought to you by, 5 Magazine : Chicago Jaxxx : Mastoid Kollektive.
Cafe 207 – 5842 S. Archer – Chicago’s Southwest Side

*Great sound
*Plenty of parking
*Come as you are
*FREE, all night long

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