St Paddys 3/17 United Sounds O’ Dance Music – NYC

St Patrick’s day Mar 17th 2011 NYC 9PM
Respect All Various Elements invites u 2 a
O’ The United Sounds Of Dance Music

DJs + MC + VJ

[b][size=24]DARA[/size][/b] Drum & Bass IRL
[b][size=24]IRON MYKE[/size][/b] Dubstep US
[b][size=24]RAMIE BURNS[/size][/b] House & Techno myspace IRL
[b][size=24]PAUL C[/size][/b] All Of The Above IRL
[b][size=24]POSI D[/size][/b] Hip Hop vocals facebook US
[b][size=24]MAMIK O'[/size][/b] Funky visuals facebook JPN

$5 Well & Select beers b4 11
FREE ENTRY 9h – 10h
$10 W RSVP $15 W/OUT
© 2010 – 11
Everyone is Irish on Paddy’s day

We are not printing flyers to be green friendly (pun intended) so
please send this invite to your friends, we look forward to celebrating with you
and go raibh mile maith agat (Irish for a thousand thank yous)! 😀

[b][size=24]DARA[/size][/b] Breakbeat Science Facebook Ireland
Besides the Liquid Sky community, DJ Dara is probably New York’s leading exponent of drum’n’bass. He has led several club nights around the city…
DJ Dara is considered one of, if not THE, best drum’n’bass DJ in the USA, but his presence is felt internationally. Orignally from Ireland, Dara moved stateside in the early ’90s and quickly established himself in New York’s underground dance scene. Furthering the movement, he helped open Breakbeat Science, the first drum’n’bass-only record store in the country, which lead to the development of two spin-off labels, Breakbeat Science Recordings and Orgone. Not to be outdone by his peers, Dara released his first full-length album, Rinsimus Maximus in 1997, which was quicly followed by Halfway Home on the same label (Sm:)e Communications) and the mix CD From Here To There on Moonshine Music. In addition to recording music and running his record store, Dara’s also known for his Web-TV show, Velocity, on which he interviews drum’n’bass contemporaries from around the world.
Dara has a keen ear for the classic style of clean drum’n’bass and he uses it to create dark and beautiful melodies with hints of color from deep bass grooves with seamless transitions. An artist and an innovator, it takes a fair amount of skill to not only be able to create the beats you like, but to know who else is doing it too. With his own record store (Breakbeat Science) and his own labels (Breakbeat Science Recordings and Orgone), DJ Dara not only plays the scene but lives it in all aspects of his life. He gathers influence from the other artists he works with, a progression cleary shown if you listen to a retrospective of his stuff from Rinsimus Maximus to 2004’s The Antidote.

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[b][size=24]IRON MYKE[/size][/b] Darkroom US

As (ex 1/2 of Enkryption Projekt) Enkryption Projekt’s unmistakeable sound and stage presence, has lead them to be one of the most recognisable acts to come out of New York City in some time. Cutting their teeth in such legendary NYC venues as The Tunnel, Knitting Factory, and The Limelight, their sound is a product of a time, in which EP believes, Dj’ing and producing were approached in a more serious manner.

While their presence has been well established over the past 10 years due to their residency at Konkrete Jungle, It has been the past few years that has shown EP entering one of the most intense parts of their career. Marked most notably by the recent co-founding of The Darkroom with Dave Gee (Methods NYC). This collaboration serves as Brooklyn’s first and only monthly Dubstep event. The party gained a dedicated following with heavy attendance, and was quickly credited with putting the Brooklyn Dubstep scene on the map. And now, with rumours circulating of a full length studio album in the works, Enkryption Projekt is poised to take their sound worldwide.

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[b][size=24]RAMIE BURNS[/size][/b] Sifted Recs Ireland
Since 1992 Ramie Burns has been producing and spinning a wide variety of musical genres, from Techno to Dub. His first remix came about in 1997 with a remix of Dave the Drummers Speed Freak on the Liberators Stay up Forever label. In 1998 Ramie relocated to New York City from his native Belfast and started Sifted recordings with DJ partner DJ Ebar. After 11 well received releases ranging from deep house to banging Techno the label folded under the weight of the fat bastard distributor they were working with(long story). Ramie went on to open a club on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, 200 Orchard and is still cranking out the remixes for Sony, Quarterlife Records, Nosi Music and Doebler & Berg out of Berlin. Ramie still DJ’s in Berlin, New York and recently Glastonbury Festival.

Influences:Dave Clarke, Slam, King Tubby, Adam Beyer, David Holmes, Bauhaus, Big youth, The Clash, The Cure, Guinness, my mates.Sounds Like: Gravel in a washing machine…
Record Labels: Sifted Recordings, Quarterlife, Nosi music, Sony,

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[b][size=24]PAUL C[/size][/b] USOD Jungle Nation Ireland
DJ Paul C is a New York City Irish veteran with non stop residencies since he exploded on the scene with the legendary Jungle Nation series in 1995. With a deep, diverse musical background, Paul currently holds down 5 residencies in NYC including Konkrete Jungle since ’96 & mixed music gigs in the Lower East Side, Fashion, Financial & Meatpacking districts.

PAUL C has played in places like England, Spain, Canada, Puerto Rico, Ireland & more including Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, Dallas TX & Miami, as well as working at & helping launch Breakbeat Science, America’s first Drum & Bass store, and being a regular guest at Camouflage & Direct Drive. Playing on world class soundsystems such as Club Space, Club Love, Santos Party House, Sullivan Room & MoMa’s PS One, this DJ has received write ups in Mixer, Trace, Vogue, Rough guide to D & B, Dogs on Acid & more.

Paul has promoted many successful parties including Jungle Nation, NYC United, I Love Drum & Bass & now U.S. of Dance Music. Tunes have been produced solo & with heads like DJ Dara, Kingsize & Zezo One. Sharing tables with the likes of Grooverider, Moby, Sub Focus, Fatboy Slim & Marley Marl, DJ Paul C loves music, dancing, sharing, celebrating life & bringing you the most fresh, diverse, rinsing & rolling sets he can find with some classics thrown in for good measure. Full bio, dates, press & more @

“Paul C has just finished another brutally beautiful set @ New York City`s Jungle Nation. It`s almost 1 am and the previously ravenous crowd has been completely satiated. Everyone`s in a daze from all the horn blowing, rewind reveling and hysterical jumping…” – Mixmag

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[b][size=24]POSI D[/size][/b] Jungle Sky/Rawkus – US
MC Posi-D, The stateside answer to the UK’s MCs, MC Posi-D is one of the most well respected lyricists in the scene. Posi-D combines intelligent, hip-hop flavored lyrics and a UK-inspired rapid fire delivery for a unique style. He has MC’d alongside such UK talents as SS, Stakka, John B, and Zinc as well as a host of stateside DJs including Wally aka Pish Posh, Dara, DB, Odi and Dieselboy. When he is not outside the NYC area, MC Posi-D maintains his residence at Direct Drive NYC, New Yorks #1 drum and bass weekly. Out of state bookings have included appearances in nearly every major U.S. city including LA, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, and Seattle. Posi-D has also completed studio work such as DJ Wally’s “Rolling Ballz”, which appeared on Jungle Sky 5—Rock and Roll, as well as MCing on Wally’s full-length Pish Posh releases on Rawkus Records. For those who have not seen him live, Posi-Ds reputation speaks for itself.

[b][size=24]MAMIK O'[/size][/b] Sullivan Room Japan
Mamiko Kushida is a member of VJ duo “Avant-Garde” from Kyoto Japan. Her Visual concept is from “Avant-Garde” to “Surrealism”
She has been VJing since 2004. She has performed with well-known Japan’s DJs at the biggest parties in Japan. She is one of the most outstanding VJs in Japan.

She started VJing in 2008 in New York.
She performs at Weekly drum n bass party ” Camouflage” @ Sullivan room in New York(top 100 clubs in the world). She has performed at one of the biggest New York’s Drum ‘n’ Bass party ” Direct Drive “. Also, She started to perform at DJ Sleepy&Boo(Basic NYC)’s party in New York in 2010.
She did VJ debut at New York’s Best Club “Cielo” in October 2010.
She has shown extraordinary performance at clubs in New York.

She is performing with various genre of music, such as House, Drum ‘n’ Base, Old school hip hop, Disco, Techno, Rock, Pop, and Experimental etc… She is not only VJing but also doing Art Direction and Film making of Music Video and Promotion video, Graphic and Web Design, Art Direction of fashion styling/make up /hair styling for Musicians, DJs, Actors,and Models… She does All art works about music and entertainment with her “Avant-Garde” style visuals!

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