Official Music Video – CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE FEAT. SUZIE DEL VECCHIO – ‘A Little Rush’ – Directed by Roberto E. Lepe

Christopher Lawrence is at it again!  We love everything about the track and the video.  In the vid, we’re particularly intrigued by the use of low light levels and filters (Boris?; After Affects?).  There is absolutely no “muddiness” in the dark shots.  We’re videography geeks and can’t wait to read the URB link to check out the behind-the-scenes info.  The look is VERY hot and the video editing is extremely tight.  In our humble opinion, the overall project exemplifies the RAW power that all independent artists have at their disposal–you just have to have the chops to get it done.  Bravo!  –J. Medley

Official Music Video – ‘A Little Rush’ – Directed by Roberto E. Lepe


“America’s Top Trance DJ” Christopher Lawrence has teamed up with Perfecto’s Suzie del Vecchio for a chest pounding trance piece, aptly titled “A Little Rush”.

Suzie’s evocative vocals and Christopher’s masterful production swirl together to form an adrenaline injection that is sure to make dance floors bounce harder, drivers hit the gas a little bit and headphone junkies snap their necks. Equally at home on the dance floor or the radio, “A Little Rush” does its job to brighten up any room and turn the energy up a notch.

The official music video for ‘A Little Rush’ was shot on location in Hollywood CA and includes scenes shot at Monday Social at the Playhouse. Directed by Roberto E. Lepe, this cinematic video is a fast paced chase through the vibrant clubland and city streets of Los Angeles.

Also, check out the official behind the scenes pics from the ‘A Little Rush’ music video shoot, courtesy of URB Magazine:

On the remix front, DJ Dan and Mike Balance have had long and historic careers that span genres in a way only true artists can do. A rare quality this day in age, DJ Dan and Mike Balance bring a diverse skill set to the studio. Over the years the two have each traversed many genres from breaks to electro and here a progressive house take; their re-imagining of “A Little Rush” slows down the pace a touch, without losing any of the energy. An uplifting head-turner their remix drops a fresh light on Suzie’s vocals while retaining the heart of Christopher’s original in a way that only two true dance music veterans can do. Additional remixes coming soon..

Support already in from Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold, M.I.K.E, Suzie Solar, Kyau & Albert, Gareth Emery, Dave Seaman, Flash Bros, Bobina and more..

Christopher Lawrence – ‘A Little Rush’ feat. Suzie del Vecchio
Official Music Video

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