Sa, 2/12/11 Bingo Players @ V-LIVE CHICAGO


Thanks to the great DJ Jimmie Page for this plugger.  He has a lot of news to share.  Check out his site for the latest, but here are a few nuggets:

“Hello to all..

The New Year is in full swing which means March EDM Madness in Miami/Chicago is right around the corner. Coming March 5th I make my return to the Big City of Chicago as one of the new Main Stage Residents of V-Live Nightclub.  I will be joining an incredible crew including the Newly Signed Exclusive Resident Alex Peace who makes his entrance Feb 26th 2011.  Huge news coming in the next couple weeks as I have some big events to announce for Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas and so much more..”

Sa, 2/12/11 Bingo Players @ V-LIVE CHICAGO

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