REPRESENT The United States of Dance Music January 29th 2011





DJs + MC + VJ




BRUCE TANTUM House & Techno

PAUL C All of the above

TRAC Hip Hop vocals

MAMIKO Lighting



$5 Well & $4 Corona

$10 OPEN BAR 11h – 12h

FREE ENTRY 10h – 11h

$10 w RSVP $15 W/OUT


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PLUR in effect, Njoi ur trip

A true native New Yorker, Christian was born, raised, and educated in NYC. In the Fall of 1991 he got his start in the Electronic Dance Music scene at the early age of 16 attending Future Shock Friday’s at Limelight, and shortly there after N.A.S.A. at the legendary Club Shelter. As one of the first street promoters of the infamous N.A.S.A. party’s he helped kick start the beginning of a new era in dance music. With the earnings he made from promoting, Christian invested in building a record collection ranging from House, Techno, and Trance, as well as Breakbeat, Hardcore, and Jungle – representing the gamut of music of the rave scene at that time. He then began feverishly learning how to DJ and getting his first gigs behind the ‘ones and twos.’

Meanwhile in those formative years he was also a champion skateboarder winning local contests and skating with some of today’s top pros. Additionally, “CBee” (Christian’s alias/tag) was also a recognized graffiti writer/artist regarded by many as one of the most original to come out of Queens within that era. In 1994 CB earned 15 minutes of fame when he became part of the original cast in the cult classic film KIDS (look for him in the Nitrous scene). Shortly thereafter, Christian looking to get more involved in the music industry began working at the notorious Satellite Records for many years, as well as Temple records downstairs from the infamous Liquid Sky.

In the summer of 1995 Christian became a regular guest dj at local raves, outlaw parties and premiere EDM club nights throughout NYC and the Tri-State area. Soon he was accepted into the ranks of NYC’s elite and most sought after Drum & Bass Rave DJs. Performing at parties both locally and out-of-state at the tender age of 19, he accomplished what many still dream of today. Since then he has performed at countless events from coast to coast and played for nearly every major promoter and club in NYC. His 15 year DJ career has taken him to venues throughout the United States, and internationally to Buenos Aires, London, Mendoza, Montreal, and many more. He has also DJ’ed in some of NYC’s most legendary clubs such as: Club Shelter, Guernica, Limelight, Octagon, Palladium, Roxy, Save The Robots, Tunnel, and Twilo amongst others…continued here

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IRON MYKE Darkroom
As (ex 1/2 of Enkryption Projekt) Enkryption Projekt’s unmistakeable sound and stage presence, has lead them to be one of the most recognisable acts to come out of New York City in some time. Cutting their teeth in such legendary NYC venues as The Tunnel, Knitting Factory, and The Limelight, their sound is a product of a time, in which EP believes, Dj’ing and producing were approached in a more serious manner.

While their presence has been well established over the past 10 years due to their residency at Konkrete Jungle, It has been the past few years that has shown EP entering one of the most intense parts of their career. Marked most notably by the recent co-founding of The Darkroom with Dave Gee (Methods NYC). This collaboration serves as Brooklyn’s first and only monthly Dubstep event. The party gained a dedicated following with heavy attendance, and was quickly credited with putting the Brooklyn Dubstep scene on the map. And now, with rumours circulating of a full length studio album in the works, Enkryption Projekt is poised to take their sound worldwide.

WAVEWHORE Broke Recordings
With releases on high profile record labels such as Hardcore Beats, Broke, Bombtraxx, Electrofly and BreaksFM, New York City based Wavewhore has established himself as one of the nation’s leading producers. His skills behind the decks have also led to headlining appearances across the US and in Europe and his music and DJ performances have been featured on many of the world’s top broadcast media outlets including BBC Radio 1 London, WKTU 103.5 FM New York, KISS FM London, RTE Dublin and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Wavewhore has been called a “breakbeat master” by Liquid Todd (Sirius Satellite Radio) and “one of the USA’s finest breakbeat DJ/producers” by Jay Cunning (KISS FM London) while described him as “NYC’s finest export since the Beastie Boys”. He began his career as a guitarist performing in clubs while he was still in high school and his first electronic release dates back to 1992. His music has also received high level support from many of the top names in the business including Aquasky, Jackal & Hyde, DJ Icey, The Freestylers, General Midi, The Autobots, Elite Force and many more. For more information about Wavewhore, visit,

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Bruce Tantum has been active in Gotham’s clubbing scene since the late ‘70s, back when niteries such as Max’s Kansas City and Studio 54 still allowed prepubescent young lads thought their doors. By the early ‘80s, he and his no-wave minimalist-pop band Moot were regular fixtures at such hallowed halls as the Mudd Club, Danceteria and the Peppermint Lounge. But deejaying beckoned, and Bruce tossed out his bass guitar and picked up the Technics in the late ”80s, spinning a mix of oddball disco and early house in hotspots ranging from glam venues such as Limelight and Centro-Fly to dirty basement clubs and warehouse parties. Bruce is still on the decks—spinning every seedy club and basement dive the city has to offer, and traveling the globe to spread a bit of NYC vibe—but for the last 12 years, he’s also been spending his days as Time Out NY’s Clubs editor, a post from which his handlers allow him spout off about the music and the world he loves.

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PAUL C Jungle Nation
DJ PAUL C is a New York City Irish veteran with non stop residencies since he exploded on the scene with the legendary Jungle Nation series in 1995.

With a deep, diverse musical background, Paul currently holds down 5 residencies in NYC including Konkrete Jungle since 1996 & mixed music gigs in the Fashion, Financial & Meatpacking districts. Paul C has played in places like England, Spain, Canada, Puerto Rico, Ireland & more including Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, Dallas TX & Miami, as well as working at & helping launch Breakbeat Science Record Store and being a regular guest at Camouflage & Direct Drive. Playing on world class soundsystems such as Club Space, Club Love, Santos Party House, Sullivan Room & MoMa’s PS One, this DJ has received write ups in Mixer, Trace, Vogue, Rough guide to D & B, Dogs on Acid & more. Paul has promoted many successful parties including Jungle Nation, NYC United, I Love Drum & Bass, NYC D & B, Plan B & now U.S. of Dance Music. Sharing tables with the likes of Fabio, Grooverider, Sub Focus, Fatboy Slim & Marley Marl, DJ Paul C loves music, dancing, sharing, celebrating life & bringing you the most fresh, diverse, rinsing, grooving sets he can find with some classics thrown in for good measure. Full bio, dates, press, music & more @ Please try the PRESS KIT on for

“Paul C has just finished another brutally beautiful set @ New York City`s Jungle Nation. It`s almost 1 am and the previously ravenous crowd has been completely satiated. Everyone`s in a daze from all the horn blowing, rewind reveling and hysterical jumping…” – Mixmag

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4HERO, HELLFIRE MACHINA, MC ASTRO, TRACE MOTIVATE, LEWIS PARKERInfluences:MJ (the Great), Run DMC, JB, ATCQ, Rakim, Pete Rock n CL Smooth, and a host of othersBand Interests:To keep good music alive and be a successful artist…Living thru music…cant ask for anything more…Biography:


When it comes to Hip Hop, Brooklyn New York is home to many great Mc’s and artist of many genres. To anyone who has ever visited the borough knows that Brooklyn has many different types of cultures, ethnicities, and renowned musicians living within some of the most historic neighborhoods in the world. Growing up within the melting pot has inspired the MC known as T.R.A.C. His name alone clearly states what his intent is all about….” To Rule And Conquer”.

T.R.A.C (aka Terry Nickz) is Brooklyn born and influenced. This NYC resident is a crafty songwriter/ lyricist who can adapt to many different styles. He takes pride in being original and “pushing the envelope” while still keeping that classic Hip Hop sound in every song he touches.

T.R.A.C.’s influences range from early 80’s to mid 90’s which is often dubbed “The Golden Era”. Being the student at that time has shown him many things through the sounds of Rap, Classic soul, R & B to Classic Rock. His is mind is very much open to world so when he expresses himself it becomes an emotional ride. If not for the lyrics then TRAC definitely has the voice.

The BK Mc’s first real taste of music came from an experiment in the NYC Drum n Bass world. He along with legendary Dj ICUE created a song called “Next Level #hit”. Released in 1999-‘01 on the “This is Liquid Sky” compilation, the song fused Jungle and Hip Hop 2gther bringing something a little different and refreshing to the world. This kind of music was labeled ‘Hip-Step’. It was an underground DnB success and is still is played from time to time. The experience has showed TRAC’s true passion and love for music and has given him a lot of respect in the music scene. Thru his 10 yr career he has entertained and hosted in many spots throughout North America including Canada.

In 2007 TRAC was predominately featured in a Boosey and Hawks Project which was produced by UK Hip Hop Legend Lewis Parker (Home Grown Hip Hop). This compilation had cinematic beats laced with street gritty/conscious lyrics. The tandem eventually worked out for the better as it was released by the Famous movie scorers and planned for a re-release forthcoming.

In the Present, TRAC has been hosting and doing plenty shows, prepping his mix-tape, as well as putting the finishing touches on a future project with world renown Producer Marc Mac (of 4hero). The routes of paying dues were heavy but things are finally looking more rewarding for the veteran MC. His songs will be a familiar one in your player. He came to Conquer.

you can check his blog @

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Mamiko is a member of VJ duo “Avant-Garde” from Kyoto Japan.
Her Visual concept is from “Avant-Garde” to “Surrealism”
She has been VJing since 2004. She has performed with well-known Japan’s DJs at the biggest parties in Japan. She is one of the most outstanding VJs in Japan.

She started VJing in 2008 in New York.
She performs at Weekly drum n bass party ” Camouflage” @ Sullivan room in New York(top 100 clubs in the world). She has performed at one of the biggest New York’s Drum ‘n’ Bass party ” Direct Drive “. Also, She started to perform at DJ Sleepy&Boo(Basic NYC)’s party in New York in 2010.
She did VJ debut at New York’s Best Club “Cielo” in October 2010.
She has shown extraordinary performance at clubs in New York.

She is performing with various genre of music, such as House, Drum ‘n’ Base, Old school hip hop, Disco, Techno, Rock, Pop, and Experimental etc… She is not only VJing but also doing Art Direction and Film making of Music Video and Promotion video, Graphic and Web Design, Art Direction of fashion styling/make up /hair styling for Musicians, DJs, Actors,and Models… She does All art works about music and entertainment with her “Avant-Garde” style visuals!

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