ATAL-Hanna Hais-Ka Donke (Incl. Boddhi Satva & Alton Miller Mxs)

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Hanna Hais & Boddhi Satva team up for a single recorded between France, Belgium and Mali

Hanna Hais
Ka Donke

Produced by Boddhi Satva & Hanna Hais

01 Radio Edit
02 Boddhi Satva Main Mix
03 Boddhi Satva Nibbana’s Dub
04 Boddhi Satva Nibbana’s Short Mix
05 Instrumental Mix
06 Boddhi Satva Nibbana’s Instrumental Mix
07 Alton Miller Remix
08 Acapella

Written by Hanna Hais & Jacob ‘Yacoub’ Soubeiga. Composed by Boddhi Satva, Jacob ‘Yacoub’ Soubeiga & Hanna Hais. Produced by Boddhi Satva & Hanna Hais. Arranged by Boddhi Satva. Recorded at Toute La Click Studio, France and at N’gombi Studios in Bamako, Mali.

Executive Production & Art Direction: Alexandre Escolier for Atal Music

Design & Lay out: PLK Design hais

Ata 1511 LC 14200 All rights of the producer and copyright owner reserved. Unauthorised copying, re-recording, broadcasting, public performance, hiring or rental of this recording in whatever manner is strictly prohibited. The copyright in this sound recording is owned by ? 2010 Rosa Nova Ltd / Boddhi Satva © 2010 Atal Music

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