Soul Conspiracy – Geezer/Sneezer

Geezer - Sneezer
Soul Conspiracy – Geezer/Sneezer

Soul Conspiracy, otherwise known as producer Simon van Kesteren, has been making house music since the age of 17. Preferring not to spread himself too thin and not wishing to become a jack of all trades and a master of none, he does not deem himself to be a DJ. Instead, he prefers to remain behind the scenes, focussing on his production and honing his skills by tackling not only dance tracks, but such varied projects as film scores and video games.

Soul Conspiracy’s new release is the hands-down winner for the best-named double a-side of recent times. One half of the house hit in the making is called Geezer, the second (wait for it…) is Sneezer.

Geezer, one can presume, gets its name from the vocal sample around which the track develops. It’s a pretty safe guess. Sneezer‘s meaning is more exclusive but can perhaps be uncovered by the relationship between the two tracks. Is Geezer the ‘ahhh’ to Sneezer‘s ‘shoo’?!

Yes, is the answer, although that in no way implies that either track is any less brilliant on their own. Arguably they could hit happily both take their place on a laid back club playlist. In BPM and genre there are high levels of similarity, both could be characterised as confident and stylish funky house. And when listened to side-by-side you come to realise Geezer could easily be the natural precursor to Sneezer.

The first gets you in the mood with some deep beats, and as your DJ for the night segues seamlessly into the second and the vocal shifts from male to female, you are gradually elevated as the track progresses. Building to the inclusion of a classic house piano sample and a satisfying peak, the tracks combine to deliver a fabulous musical experience.

Overall this is a nifty little one-two combo that should easily floor house lovers everywhere.

Soul Conspiracy – Geezer/Sneezer is out on Blackbird from today and available on,,, and all other online retailers.

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