Funkerman ft LEFT – Speed Up Once More


Funkerman ft LEFT – Speed Up Once More

The latest release to come off Funkerman’s epic new album House For All is a very interesting animal indeed. It sounds very much like a rock tune, quite possibly the rockiest thing that Funkerman’s ever done. There’s some heavy guitar sampling going on amongst the more familiar dance beats and the throaty vocals come courtesy of Dutch rock three-piece LEFT, one of 3FM’s ‘Serious Talent’ acts.

The track is a reworking of Funkerman’s release Speed Up, which was originally a hit for him back in 2006 with the vocals contributed by I-Fan. Whilst I-Fan is clearly still very much a feature in Funkerman’s armory, featuring on no less than four tracks on House For All, this reboot is harder, heavier and basically pretty devil-horns-in-the-air amazing.

This is a true crossover track that should help to introduce Funkerman to a whole new audience of guitar-wielding rock fans. LEFT is a band they are gathering pace and clocking up a decent number of airplays and this track should see them gain some additional exposure as it explodes onto commercial, rock and dance music radio.

Stadium rock and house music don’t seem like the most likely of pairings, but this is a track that will appeal to rockers and ravers alike. It’s a hefty release too – not only do you get the original single and a revved-up vocal-free big remix, there are two other remixes for you to enjoy. German electronic supremo Sharam Jey treats us to a driving electro thumper and Robbie Rivera hits us up with a trance-infused club track. There’s something here to suit practically every taste – how many genres can we get into just one release?

And not only that, it’s a track about sex. ‘I want you behind my bedroom door’… I mean seriously, what more could you possibly want from a record?

Funkerman ft. LEFT – Speed Up Once More is out from today on Flamingo Recordings and will be available on,, and all other online music portals.

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