Serotonin Thieves – Last Night EP – Out NOW on Beatport!


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Serotonin Thieves – Last Night EP – Out NOW on Beatport!
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“Nice techno!”
Brandon Block

“Downloading, thanks.”
Roger Sanchez
“Will check them out!”
“Cool tracks!”
Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan
“Great tune and cool twisting sounds.”
Elizabeth Jay
“Think Volcano is the one for me.”
Graham Gold
“Nice EP. Really like ‘At The Weekend’ and ‘Last Night’.”
Nick Hook
“Quite enjoyable!”
Daniele Davoli
“These guys are on it!”
Jay Kay
“Like the twisted bassline on this, good for the crowds!”
Joey Silvero
“Let It Roll sounds good, will test it out!”
Flash Brothers
“Groovy work… will play & support it!”
Sergio Matina
“Love it!”
Mark Cooper
Nikki Elise
“Solid ep of underground house tracks. Let It Roll doing it for us.. deep and classy!”
2 Good Soul
“Volcano is the one for me”
Nik Denton
“An excellent e.p. This will be getting my full support..!”
Steve Fox aka Foxy (Koppas)
“Let it Roll…. nice!”
Chico Secci
“Cool EP, will give full support on all 4 tracks.”
Gavyn Mytchel
“Nice groove on this one and some unusual hoolines!”
Matt Black
“Good track!”
Stephane ‘S’ (Club Martini, Playa d’en Bossa)
Gabry Sangineto
“Like Let It Roll.”
Michael Godsmark
“Really interesting stuff. Favorites are Last Night and I’ve also got a week spot for At The Weekend.”
Moni Aksdal
“Last night standing out big time, a definite 9/10.”
Ben Santiago (Es Vive / Fierce Angels / Cream
“Let it roll is the one for me, many thanks!”
Pete Ward
“I’ll make sure that Funkerman and Fedde le Grand check these out!”
Flamingo Records
“At the weekend is a good track, will support.”
Nick Fiorucci (Hi-Bias)
“Refreshing sound! Volcano doers it for me….supporting.”
Scott D’Souza
“Let It Roll has the global feel.”
Romany G
“Wicked tracks!”
Gavin Cole
“4 Great track which will work well on the dancefloor!”
Stacey Bowtell
“Lovin’ ‘At The Weekend’, good work!”
Grant Nalder
“At the weekend rocks!”
Steph Sugarshaker
“Volcano is a mega track! Really feeling this one!”
Chris Massey
“Twisted enough without losing self respect!”
Ian Seath
“Volcano & At The Weekend are the best tracks for me.”
Ricky Inkin
“Supporting Last Night.”
Helen Mac
“Solid pack, supporting!”
“Wicked stuff, just wicked. Feeling every track, and as for the name…genius!! At The Weekend is the one for me 😉 Heavy rotation on that one!”
John Lewis
“Solid EP. Let It Roll is very good!”
Josh Abrams
“Hi NRG action with a real grind!”
Richie Hartness (Untitled Music Podcasts)
“Most definitely, great pals whom make great grooves… love em’!”
Rob Maynard
“This is Superb! Will play ‘Let It Roll’ out!”
John Steel
“Full support, love all tracks! Can’t even pick the best mix!”
Tony Holder
“The jacking beat on this is popping…..nice.”
Jamie Downes
“A great little EP!”
Marky Moo (Dirty DJ’s)
“Interesting selection of tracks, like volcano the most.”
Robert Stewart
“Beautifully wierd, loving it!”
Jon Hearne
“Nice! Really digging the Tech, Prog & Tribal vibes of Let It Roll! Can see Volcano being dropped too! Full support!”
Tony Divino
“Last Night is simply gorgeous!”
Ginny K
“I like all the mixes! and will deffo play them soon!”
Doctor P
“Amazing Ep…love them all especially Last Night…great electro ‘old skool’ reminiscent vibes to the tracks…full support!”
Nikki Flame
“Nice release. Will support.”
Jules Little
“Great EP – Reminds me of the early Daft Punk sound. I like!”
Audio Guru
“Fantastic EP – Each track just has the Kick that fits into my sets! Perfect – Supported.”
Pete Farmer
“Very pleasant and straight to the point EP.My favourite is Serotonin Thieves and Matt Weeks-Last Night.
Malc East
“Supporting for sure…. last night is my fav for a warm up and then let it roll for main room!”
DJ Saint George
The Axis Trax summer marathon continues with a brand new 4 track offering from the amazing Serotonin Thieves. We are sure you won’t be dissapointed with this one! A veritable feast of quality house music that is sure to rock many a set in the forcoming months. ‘Last Night’ also features DJ/producer Matt Weeks.

We are Serotonin Thieves (pronounced Ser-oh-tone-in). We are a London based DJ and music producer duo. Individually, you can call us Ryan & Scott Serotonin.

As Serotonin Thieves, we try to make emotional dance music. Have you ever experienced shivers on the back of your neck because you’re listening to a great piece of music? We want to achieve that. We have both become bored of music without a heart and soul. We always attempt to make music that makes you dance, but touches you. It’s what we aspire to.

Serotonin Thieves music will always aim to exit the stresses of life. It’s a call to the masses to leave their existence behind. It’s about the classic drama of tension & release. It’s time to forget everything you have held as reality. The beat will obscure it. Focus your mind. For this IS our time. When you open your mind to possibility, you are ready. Ready to be led through the passages of your own mind.

Our sound is that of a celebration. Movement. We imagine the World moving to one beat. We believe in blocking out the reality that slaps you in the face on Monday morning, realising you face another week long commute to work. Leave that behind. Come together. This is where we exist. Our music aspires to capture moments like these.

Our music has led us to DJing across the UK and internationally, including: Ministry of Sound, Turnmills & The Cross (RIP), The Whitehouse, Herbal, Envy (Ireland), Es Vive Ibiza & Newport Beach Miami.

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