Su, 10/10 Intl Sundays on Mac Trax (Jeff Keenan & Friends) NLYTN (USA) 5:00pm – 6:00pm

41813_152967674740026_4382_n Sunday, October 10 · 5:00pm – 6:00pm


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International Sundays on Mac Trax (Jeff Keenan & Friends)

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Up this week we have Boston native and friend, NLYTN

Pronounced “Enlighten”, veteran DJ Lenny Sosa has been making his mark throughout the east coast since 1997, playing numerous clubs, bars, parties, raves, events, and internet radio shows. Most known for his epic Multi Genre sets, NLYTN has such an eclectic taste in music that his signature stamp can be heard throughout many genres within the electronic music scene.

“I’ve always… been a huge fan of all different kinds of music and became consumed with these sub-genres of house. I ended up falling in love with music and DJing all over again” says NLYTN. With this love began a new venture for the DJ, taking his knowledge and experience in the industry to a higher level when he created – a forum where DJs, producers, promoters, and supporters could go to showcase their sets, production, and post parties. “I was psyched to be able to give artists and other music lovers the ability to download new material, give feedback and most importantly embrace the music! has been constantly evolving into bigger things. We even had ‘Mixtill6 Radio’ which was an internet radio station that ran for 2 years with shows being broadcast from various locations across the globe. It was pretty awesome, and was great promotion for the website” says NLYTN.

With a new found taste for exploring the industry, 2007 found NLYTN finally taking the next step, where he began to produce his own music. With that the record label known as Mixtill6 Records – a spin off – was born. Now with over 30 tracks under his belt, NLYTN can confidently say he has really started to find his sound.

Please stay tuned for more info on this artist, and Mixtill6 Records thank you for your support!

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