Code Red presents Marc Evans-You Can’t Hide From Yourself

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Code Red presents Marc Evans & The MuthaFunkaz’s tribute to Teddy Pendergrass.
Marc Evans

“You Can’t Hide From Yourself”
Written by Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff
Published by Mighty Three Music

Produced By: Dj Spen and The MuthaFunkaz for Code Red Recordings

Keyboards by: Gary Hudgins
Bass by : Irvin Madden
Guitars by: Robert “Wa Wa” LeGrand
Drums by: Robert Wright
Additional Rhythm Tracks & Mix Down by: Dj Spen

Horn Sections: Eric Marner, Issac Parham, Rufus Roundtree, & David Miller
Background Vocals by: Sheila Ford, Erin Madden, & Marc Evans

*Remix Produced and Arranged by Master Kev & Tony Loreto for MKTL Productions

1. MuthaFunkaz Vocal Mix (7:19)
2. MuthaFunkaz Alternate Mix (6:48)
3. DP1 Dub Break Down (6:41)
4. DP1 Break Beat Down (5:40)
5. MKTL Vocal Mix (7:33)*
6. MKTL Club Mix (7:41)*
7. MKTL Vocal Dub (7:37)*
8. Spen’s Jussmessinwiththebeatdown (4:36)
9. MKTL Instrumental (7:33)*
10. MuthaFunkin Accapella (3:04)
11. MuthaFunkaz Instrumental Mix (7:19) You Can’t Hide From Yourself

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