Soul Sun Soul-Khanya Balani feat. Khanyisa-Again (Incl. Trinidadian & Paris Cesvette Mixes)

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It reminds you of something ole skool. Hey DJ Play it AGAIN, and AGAIN and AGAIN
This is Khanya Balani’s first EP from Soul Sun Soul Music, his first track appeared on the Summer Camp LP. This young producer from South Africa is a name to look out for.

Khanya Balani was born in Cape town (SA) raised in Klerksdorp a small city in South Africa. Khanya’s music influence has always been set by his family, from his grandmother exposing him to gospel and traditional music to his uncles always bringing home jazz and hip hop tapes. So in the mid 90’s it was never surprising to find his uncle’s tapes in Khanya’s cupboard ranging from kwaito to R&B music and with an impressive collection of hip hop singles that were appreciated by a few, it was apparent to his family that music was his thing. Up until this time Khanya had never really heard house music till one day on a Friday night while returning from a night praise ceremony with his grandmother he switched on the radio, surfing for a station he came upon metro fm one of the biggest urban radio stations in South Africa and playing on this radio station was a new sound unfamiliar to him. A sound, which was consistent in its rhythm, ever changing and enjoyed by all his older cousins who were in the car with him. He was hooked every Friday and Saturday night you would find him next to his radio listening to Dj mixes till the early hours of the morning. At this point in his life Khanya was use to small town living he had never seen a big city before, in the late 90’s Khanya’s family relocated to Johannesburg and at the age of 11 he had to adjust to a new way of living. Big city life was new to him, he was exposed to bashes (street party’s)and was attending them at the age of 13 with friends from his neighborhood here he could see the dj’s at work and these dj’s played all kinds of house music, it was a new world and this music was becoming so popular so fast. With the introduction of cd’s to Khanya and his friends, famous local dj’s who were packaging songs from all over the world into compilations were idols to him, with the different styles of house in his collection of compilations he’s taste of music was refined, he would hear songs from Kerri Chandler with his raw and pure deep sounds on track 1 to MAW with there upbeat and urban sound on track 12. He absorbed everything like a new baby learning about the world.

Through high school Khanya was just an admirer of the genre, up until 2007 on his final year of high school thinking he would go study law his close friend Steven Hollenbach asked him why doesn’t he go with him to a dj school instead his best friend Brendan Hollenbach suggested that he learn how to make music. With no previous knowledge of song making or playing any instrument Khanya applied at the Academy of Sound Engineering where he was part of 200 students chosen to study there. To keep his family satisfied he majored in broadcast but was never shy to go into studio and listen to people jam, becoming familiar with software’s such as Reason and Pro Tools , Khanya was learning to make his own music and falling back on the knowledge he’d read from music books he had bought in college, he was learning something that he had passionately listened to through out his life, which brought him so much joy and happiness. On his final year Khanya had made friends with many producers and dj’s at college who would give him tracks to dub mix or remix which lead to him taking the music home, and at his own pace and at the comfort of his own home his passion for making music saw him go out less on weekends, instead he would stay home and nurture his talent.

Producing for two and a half years and reaching new levels Khanya Balani is an addition which hopes to be a veteran in house music.

Look out for Khanya Balani LP coming in Fall 2010 entitled Red Horizon on Soul Sun Soul Music

1. Again ( Original Mix)
2. Again (Instr.)
3. Again (Trinidadian Deep Mix)
4, Again (Paris Cesvette pres J2J Vocal Mix)
5. Again (PParis Cesvette pres J2J Inst. Mix.)

Produced By: Khanya Balani
Vocals: Khanyisa

Mix: 3- Produced by Trinidadian Deep
Mix: 4 & 5- Produced by Paris Cesvette

Paris Cesvette Presents Jack 2 Jazz Remix
Bass Slikk Tim
Sax Dayve Stewart
Jack 2 Jazz is a Jazz House outfit featuring Slikk Tim on bass , Dayve Stewart on Saxophone and Paris Cesvette Keys and Production

Facebook : Khanya Balani

Very special thanks to, Thulani Vilakazi / Djt_table for all your support with Soul Sun Soul Music artist’s, and the label.
Trinidadian Deep and Paris Cesvette for your wonderful remixes on this project, and to all the Dj’s who supported with project.

-Mikki Afflick
Mikki Afflick – Khanya Balani (Original Mix) I love it, all the mixes. It makes the dancer feel as thou they know it from the first beat. By the end of the song their are singing along to it. 10/10

Ian Friday – Trinidadian Deep (Trinidadian Deep Remix)

I like this vox Will get on this for sure. Can’t wait to drop this at Libation 8/10

Sammy Rock- Trinidadian Deep (Trinidadian Deep Remix)
What can I say about this release?.It’s pure down right dirty and will slamm your dancefloor to obivian! This has to be one of my favorite cuts of this month.Full support ! 8/10

DJ Pope- Khnaya Balani – Again (Original Mix) This is hot like it will support 8/10

Charo Velecio- I love it Again, and Again, Again I keep singing it. 9/10

Bradford James- Dope all fiyah! 9/10

Ray Vazquez- Khnaya Balani – Again (Paris Cesvette pres J2J Inst. Mix)


Carlos- Khnaya Balani – Again (Paris Cesvette pres J2J Vocal Mix) 10/10

Stephen Rigmaiden- Feeling it!!1 Very nice. 9/10

Executive Producer: Mikki Afflick

Soul Sun Soul Publishing ©2010

Graphics Design: Mikki Afflick

Licensing info email:


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