Fr, 8/13 Sign Up for John Dahlback @ Ruby Skye – Sf, Ca

081310_dahlback Sign Up for John Dahlback @ Ruby Skye (8/13)

Spundae welcomes John Dahlback and Alain Octavo to Ruby Skye on Friday, August 13th in San Francisco.
In the 4Fourteen Lounge:
Raoul Kahn
Andrew Phelan

Sign up to be on the FREE list when you arrive b4 10:30pm and the $10 discount list b4 11:30pm.

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  1. Ventseslav Gaydarzhi
    Ventseslav Gaydarzhi

    how do you sign up

    • Hi, Ventseslav. Let me see if I can a link on this one. You might want to reach out to the promoter, spundae, and get on their list. They have tons of awesome events. I'll definitely reach out and hit your back. Thanks so much for checking us out.

      Post a party ANY time! 🙂

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