MICHAEL PROCTER former member the the world renowned vocal group the
FIFTH DIMENSION and house music legend has released his new book LOVE LETTERS & HEARTSCAPES.

The new book is a collection of Love Letters showing the inner thoughts and feelings of men in love relationships.

Mr. Procter wrote the book after many years of discussions with women saying that men had no feelings and couldn’t express themselves in an emotional way when involved in a relationship.

Mr. Procter is showing in this book that men are a lot more in touch with themselves and their emotional side then most women know.

This little book is receiving a lot of attention from masses of women that have held this belief through out relationships and marriages around the world.

Mr. Procter didn’t have the book reviewed by regular book reviewers but by regular women most of them saying that several of the letters in the book made them actually cry to truly understand that men really felt that way.

The book is available on


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