Fr, 8/6 Djette Karmina aka Miss Sin @ C-Light Cabo Negro


August 6 at 11:30pm – August 7 at 6:00am

Location:  @ C-Light Cabo Negro

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C Light Cabo Negro

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Take a professional sportsman from Yugoslavia, a music addict X-Punk/Hippy from London, mix well = Karmina. From her Mum, she inherited an entire musical universe, music was indispensible for her daily life, she loves to say that there’s no life without music. It was just natural for her to start playing on the decks at home, and in public very early. At the tender age of fifteen, she had her 1st residence at the Wax, Bastille i…n Paris where she had a monthly slot that she didn’t let go of for three years. This start was followed by many other residencies, and great experiences at the Bains Douches, Folies Pigalle, Gibus, Redlight, and some Circoloco events, all in Paris, where she also won a FG Radio Dj Competition. In 2003, she really wanted to start working on the production side, and at this time, her release got signed with her old alias and was produced at Sony BMG. It was a success, going straight into the club hits. The corresponding video got a lot of airplay on M6 music, MCM, MTV, all this along with a promotional tour through France. She can say that her first single did well, but at the time, she didn’t reflect at all the style of the music that she used to play. In 2007, she released on Opossum Mini, with a remix of Mathew Jonson and also on Fullscale Music. At this time, she shared decks back to back with Mathew Jonson, and at the Ibiza Voice Event in Shanghai with Dan Ghenacia as well as in Milan at the “Elita festival”, with Luciano, Dinky, 2 Many Djs, Nathan Fake, James Holden and Moodyman amongst others… Nowadays, in 2009, she’s 23 years old, and is working under her new alias; Karmina. It’s like turning a page, making a new beginning. She found her style and is working hard to start something new. Many years have passed, and now she knows exactly what she wants. Her new and great EP “Farfella” (planned for the end of this summer) will be released on Darek Recordings, with some great remixes of Alejandro Lopez and Mike Wall. She still carries on, and after her “baby-pause”, she’s back mixing all over the world, sharing the vibe, and the tickety – tickety tack…

06 61 35 26 93 (Imane)
Route de Martil – Cabo Negro

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