Sep, 3, 4, 5, 6 – DAVID RISQUÉ’S HOUSE NATION @ Chicago’s African Festival Of The Arts! Labor Day Weekend, 2010 – Chicago

DAVID RISQUÉ’S House Nation is set to make history at Chicago’s African Festival of the Arts.  For 2010, house music will go bang at the festival for the first time in since the event’s inception more than 20 years ago.  This is major news and provides support for our assertion that in Chicago, house music is finally turning a corner.

It is hard to believe that house music has not been featured at all over the course of the festival’s 20-year history, but that longstanding issue will be resolved on September 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th of this year.  This is a great thing.

Timing is everything, and this is the year.  House music in Chicago is starting to make some major noise in its hometown…again.  The major difference, however, is that the a number of media personalities and powerful elected officials are voicing their support for the music.

The Chosen Few’s 20th Anniversary picnic on July 10, 2010 is perhaps the best and most recent example of a successful, violence-free, massive, outdoor house music event in Chicago.  For some reason, homegrown, outdoor house music festivals are hard to find.  Chicago has some of the best house music talent in the world and critical mass is being reached when it comes to voicing strong support for the genre.

In DAVID RISQUÉ’S opinion, “house music has so much potential beyond the party.”  He also stresses the power of the organized collective.  “I have always thought globally, which is why I created House Nation,” Risque pointed out.  “My goal is to make House Nation a legitimate 5013c charitable foundation where we can leverage the power in our numbers, take action and make a positive difference in our communities.”

As, you can see, the lineup is stellar and more details will be forthcoming.

Dance Music Authority is honored and proud to be a media sponsor for this praiseworthy event!

Current lineup:

Chaka Khan

Vick Lavender

Reggie Hall

Mr. A.L.I.

Carla Prather

Julie Dexter

DJ Steve “Miggedy” Maestro


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