TRIBE pres DUCE MARTINEZ feat. KENNY BOBIEN-“DONT BE AFRAID” (Ian Friday / MKTL Master Kev + Tony Loreto remixes)

TRIBE012 – Duce Martinez featuring Kenny Bobien ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ (Ian Friday / MKTL Master Kev & Tony Loreto Remixes)

1) Don’t Be Afraid (Original Mix)

2) Don’t Be Afraid (Instrumental Mix)

3) Don’t Be Afraid (Dub Mix)

4) Don’t Be Afraid (Libation Mix)

5) Don’t Be Afraid (Libation Instrumental)

6) Don’t Be Afraid (Master Kev & Tony Loreto MKTL Club Vocal Mix)

7) Don’t Be Afraid (Master Kev & Tony Loreto MKTL Deeper Vocal Mix)

8) Don’t Be Afraid (Master Kev & Tony Loreto MKTL TV Track Mix)

Full release date: 25th August 2010

Here are the quotes to use

Black Coffee (Soulistic Music, South Africa) – Love all the Mixes but Original’s my joint…
Phil Asher (Inspiration Information, UK) – LOve it, Big Sound for Summer deepness.
Tyrone Francis (Blak-n-Yello, NYC) – My kind of MUSIC…….All mixes
Abicah Soul (Chicago) – i like the vocal alot. im feeling this mktl mix superb mix.
DJ Spinna (Wonderwx, NYC) – Very nice package! All the mixes work for different reasons. I will support.
Halo (City Deep Music, San Francisco) – Ian Friday mix is on Fireeeee!!!!
Jihad Muhammad (Soul Movement, NJ) – love it….all the mixes are hot!!
Ashley Beedle (Various Worldwide) – Loving the original and Master Kev & Tony Loreto mixes. Big support from me.
Ralf Gum (GoGo Music, Germany) – Original and Libation mix are really nice. Will play in my radio-show and gigs of course
Jojo Flores (gotsoul, Montreal) – I’m a huge fan of Kenny Bobien. I’m feeling hte MKTL remix. Nice release!
Rocco (Realtone, France) – Well done on this Ep Duce !Remixes ,Remixes are great for dancefloor as always with Kev & Loreto! Thank you Rocco
Manoo (Realtone, France) – Tribe Records still on top.. Ian Friday mix for me!
Andy Ward (Soul Heaven, UK) – worked a treat at southport.. lots of people raving about this.. will get behind it for sure !

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