Devotion Records pressents THE RETURN!! Ruben Mancias feat. Carla Prather

Celebrating your true Self is the message in this beautiful collaboration between Devotion’s Ruben Mancias and Chicago’s amazing songstress Carla Prather.

The Main mix and Devotion Reprise feature the full vocal, Carla’s beautiful story is told over Mancias’ freshly intricate rhythms and piano mastery which build into a crescendo — already sending hands in the air on dance-floors from San Francisco to New York city.

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“Good solid vocal house!”

– Aaron Ross [UK]

“Love Ruben’s rhythms! Love Devotion, Cool package! My favourite is Crazy Piano Dub and Main vocal!”

– Raffa Scoccia [ITALY]

“very strong release, great to hear carlas vocals again, devoted house mix is quality, dub is also one ill be playing ! cheers

– Joey Silvero – Distant People [UK]

“It’s hard not to like this, whichever mix I play. Whether it’s the distinctive vocals, punchy percussion or the memorable keys there’s plaenty that’s worthy of high praise.”

– Dean Serafini [UK]

“This Release is DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Deli G [UK]

“The Return” is one lovely sensual vocal track with the Main Mix offering a nice broken-beat while the other mixes don’t disappoint in any way shape or form. Complete support.”

– Sammy Rock [USA]

Ruben Does it again!! Quality House Music! Full support! Love the Devoted House Mix!

– Dino Michael [SOUTH AFRICA]

“ I like all of the mixes. Always been a huge supporter of [Devotion] and Carla. Will be adding to my cases. Much love and respect to your label…”

– Tony Wilson [USA]

“HEAVY !!!! This is a slam jam … Great vocal from Carla …full support …big tune !”

– Groove Assassin [UK]

Carla Prathers voice is so smooth. The Devotion Main Vocal and Crazy Piano Dub are my favorites.

– David Harness [USA]

“Lovely vocal…..this is a great soulful vocal house track – thank you”

– Craig Bartlett [UK]

“A true excellent song !”

– DJ Meme [BRAZIL]

“All the mixes are awesome. Adding to radio and club sets.”

– Jeannie Hopper [NYC, USA]

“ALL MIXES ARE ROCKIN! Great Release!!!”

– Tony Loreto [ITALY]

“Great song. I’m really feeling [Carla] own the story. Thank you for an uplifting piece of music. Kudos…”

– Chris Lum [SF, USA]

“Slammin track! Will be massively supporting this.”

– Anthony Angell [UK]

Ruben’s House mix and Crazy Piano dub continue The Return’s commitment to the dance-floor with energetic chord progressions, deep house rhythms and electro chords.

1. Devotion Main Vocal

2. Devotion Reprise

3. House mix

4. Crazy Piano Dub

5. Rubstrumental

6. Devotion Main Instrumental

7. Devoted House Instrumental

Please Respect The Music and Do Not Copy or File Share.


Published by Devotion Records

HouseIsARhthm (ASCAP)

Produced, written, arranged by: Ruben Mancias (ASCAP)

Lyrics Written and Performed by Carla Prather (ASCAP)

Mixed by George Mena for Love House Studios

Piano and Additional keyboards- Cliff Branch

Copyright 2010, Devotion Records

Artwork by Derek Santiago/ Rice & Bean

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