Aero Manyelo ft. Oluhle – If only (single) RELEASE

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Aero Manyelo-Dj

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Aero Manyelo featuring Oluhle???/ wow what a great collabo!!! Lets not forget that these two artist met before in 2009’s Fugama unamathe remixes performed by dj Qness. This time UK’s queen of afro-pop, Oluhle, blesses us with vocals taking on Aero’s chords on a more urban soulful note.

Their first vocal EP “if only” is more of a leakage rather than a release and the timing couldn’t be better! This …is because both Herbal 3 members Aero Manyelo and mOgrigo handle the production and in the past sought to vinyl and cd presses…so the digital era arrives ….but the rhythms still penetrates.

If only EP carries with it a number of remixes by South Africa’s underground beat makers who’s sounds crash any fancy Christmas ball and turn it into a jungle of beats the likes of…

1. Da Capo deep tribe mix (DNH Records)
2. Willy & Reloaded mix (Sculptured Music)
3. Bob ‘ Ezy remix (50 Ways Records)
4. Dj Micks afro mix (Baainar Records)
5. mOgrigo herbs mix (Herbal 3 Records)
6. Herbal 3 Rec mix(in house mix by Aero Manyelo)
…just because you can down load it doesn’t mean the track is digital…original Herbs by Herbal 3 Records
Aero Manyelo Ft Oluhle “”If Only (original)””
Composed by – Chobolo Eric Manyelo
Lyrics Written by – Sukoluhle Ncube
Music Production by – Chobolo Eric Manyelo
Author of words – Sukoluhle Ncube
Piano and Keys by – Siya (Siyabonga Miselo)
Published by – Herbal 3 Records CC & Sukoluhle Ncube
P & © 2010 Herbal 3 Records

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  1. wow..cant wait for monday on Traxsource,,,already heard it on Yfm and QH Radio

  2. Big up to Mr Aero Manyelo and Oluhle .Im so in love with this song i will pay my for this project


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