Scion AV & Soul Electric present…The ROCK LIGHTS 2010 TOUR.. with Roy Davis Jr. feat Bear Who?

Roy Davis Jr & Bear Who?

We have soooo much respect for both of these artists and the whole Scion partnership is huge!  So much is going on in the industry right now, we don’t know where to begin.  One thing is for sure:  DJs are more empowered than ever before to chart their own destiny.  The digital revolution is an empowering revolution.  Congrats to Roy Davis Jr, Bear Who?, and the entire Scion fam on this venture! —

Be part of this year’s true Electronic House experience.

Scion AV & Soul Electric present…The ROCK LIGHTS 2010 TOUR..


Roy Davis Jr.
feat Bear Who?

One of Chicago’s most influential DANCE music producers of all time, “Roy Davis Jr.” has pioneered the direction of electronic music for nearly two decades.

Featuring Chicago Dj and recording artist “Bear Who?” on vocals. With Bear Who?, you receive the full package in a multi-dimensional artist. In Bear Who?’s live performance, his multiple alter-egos emerge. In addition, during this dynamic stage show both elements of the DJ show and live vocals show why he is truly ‘the real one man band’.
Along with the electronic blazing cut by Davis, “Rock Lights” includes 4 undeniably remixes from Treasure Fingers, Junior Sanchez, Mighty Mouse, and Bryan Jones, showcasing the broad range of influence that Roy Davis Jr. has contributed to his peers and emerging contemporary producers throughout the world.

Scion A/V Video: Roy Davis, Jr. – Rock Lights from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

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From the latest installment of the Scion A/V Video series – to learn more visit–roy-davis-jr-feat-bear-who-rock-lights-/71854/

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