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StanZeff was born and raised in London, England and of course is an Arsenal fan. He has been spinning for over 20 years, in the depths of the London underground Warehouse parties from the early 80’s. He prides himself with his wide range of vinyl, and if you catch him live, you won’t know what he’ll dig out of that ole crate! Could be Bossanova, Latin, House, Jazz Fusion, Afro latin, but one thing is for sure you will be on your feet dancing and prancing! (Isn’t that Candido?)

StanZeff emerged from the school of Sound Systems, in London back in the day; you couldn’t be a DJ without belonging to a Sound System. When he started in music, he used to build the speaker boxes and amplifiers as well as DJ. Quote “Next to music, electronics was also my first love. To this day I love building sound systems. The sound quality is just as important as the track you are playing”.

StanZeff was one of the founding members of the infamous ‘Shock Sound System’, A London based sound system that played 12 consecutive years at Europe’s premier Caribbean carnival in Notting Hill Gate London, playing to crowds in excess of 2000 ravers. He has also gigged with the most renown London DJs, such as Jazzie B ~ Soul2Soul, Norman Jay ~ Good Times Roadshow, just to name a few. StanZeff was one of the London pioneers of House music in the mid to late 80’s.

He DJ’d with the likes of Ashley Beadle, Mr. C, Eddie Richards, Zepherin Saint, and MC EMIX. It was a time, when people either loved or hated House music, but he stayed true to his music, and helped build the London House scene to what it is today. StanZeff now resides in Atlanta Georgia, a global shift, but the good music remains the same style and fashion. He aligns his music style to the London/New York House scene. He’ll take you on a musical journey merging the Soulful, Afro latin, Classics minimal and Deep House genres.

He’ll set the mood and let you loose to express yourself on the dancefloor, or where ever you may be… StanZeff has orchestrated some of the best underground dance parties in Atlanta, El Musica, After Dark Atlanta, and has now launched his new party called ‘TAMBOR‘. This Party is creating waves in the House music scene, nationally, and globally.

With The Tambor Party, StanZeff has DJ’d with the best of the best, Louie Lou Gorbea, Tony Humphries, Zepherin Saint, Quentin Harris, Danny Krivit, Jellybean Benitez, but to name a few… The message is in StanZeff’s music!


Videos from last Tambor party

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