Relentless ft. Adrianne Nigg – The City Loves You – Out now on Beatport!

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Axis Trax

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…”Fantastic Electro with a groove!”
Brandon Block
“Like a few of the mixes but Spekrfreks is the standout.”
Graham Gold
“Support for Lenny Rukus & Ana Vida Mix.”
“Cool uplifting tasty tune!”
Ilan Flaishler
“Nice track thanks!”
Stuart Millar
“Lenny & Ana do it for me, cheers!”
Dom Kane
Jay Kay

“Good track, nice vocal. I’m liking the original plus the Rachel Ellektra and Matina & Sangineto mixes most.”
Nick Hook

“Supporting Rachel Ellektra’s Remix.”
Oscar Colorado (Space)
“Good work, I like it!”
Jesse Garcia
Sarah Main
“Cool track!”
Robert Owens
“Good release!”
Alan Prosser
“Massive project… will play & support it!”
Sergio Matina
“Supporting SpekrFreks mix!”
Julian Amour (Eden / Pacha)
“Supporting Sergio Matina & Gabry Sangineto Remix.”
Dave Pearce
“Supporting Rachel Ellektra’s California Dreaming Remix.”
Stephane ‘S'(Club Martini, Playa d’en Bossa)
“Supporting Rachel Ellektra’s California Dreaming Remix”
Helen Mac
“Supporting Rachel Ellektra’s Remix.”
Steve Fox aka Foxy (Koppas)
“Original is hypnotic, like it!”
“Supporting Sergio Matina & Gabry Sangineto Remix 9/10”
Simon Lloyd (New City Sound)
“Nice rolling tech groove, will work in in the big club rooms!”
Serotonin Thieves
Gabry Sangineto
“Growling bassline really works with this track, nice prog roller!”
Bob Frisky (Bar M / Hed Kandi)
“SpekrFreks Remix & Rachel’s mix are working for us!”
Flash Brothers
“Lenny Ruckus & Ana Vida remix is my pick of the bunch.”
Josh Abrams
“A great sound with a throbbing, pumping, driving sound that is perfect for those hot, hard and sweaty dancefloors of the underground scene. Full support from me!”
Matt T
“Thank you!”
Flamingo Records
“Also LOVING the prog mixes. Great track and your label is on fire!”
Nik Denton
“Supporting Rachel’s Remix.”
Owen Clarke (2 Good Souls)
“Club burner!”
Lorenzo Al Dino (Jockey Club)
“Nice use of vocals on this track. With a progressive sound. Rachel’s dreaming mix has a big room sound to it and the Lenny Ruckus mix has got a Ibiza terrace sound. Happy days. I like them equally.”
Marc Wilkie
“Liking the Spekrfreks Remix on this! Very tasty indeed! Bendy synth-tastic!”
Neil Briggs
“Nice vocal, good spectrum of mixes. The original track is great anyway, Rachel pips the others for airplay with me by a nose, lovely deep sound!”
Jules Little
“Love the Spekrfreks remix – works for me! Full support.”
Pete Farmer
“Supporting Rachel Ellektra’s California Dreaming Remix.”
Steph Sugarshaker
“Rachel Ellektra’s California Dreaming remix is awesome!”
Michelle Ericsson
“Different for me, not feeling the house tracks but Rachel’s mix has got more about it, liking that and the L&A mix, liking that too!”
Robert Stewart
“Awesome release! All brilliant remixes as well! All will get dropped in my sets but the one that’s really ticking all the boxes for me is the Lenny Ruckus & Ana Vida Remix. Fantastic interpretation!”
Tony Divino
“Love the groove in the Original Mix, and favorte this time is Rachel Ellektra’s California Dreaming Remix. Nice Vocals!”
Moni Aksdal
“Spekrfreks mix is cool!”
Ray Colclough
“SpekrFreks mix is the dancefloor bomb!”
Romany G
“Loving the filthy bass line on the Sergio and Gabry remix….wait for the drop..its stinking!”
Jamie Downes
“This is a wicked package…. great track and vocals are so haunting. The remix selection is tops!”
Rob Maynard
“What a great track! Original will fit in my sets just nicely!”
DJ Saint George
“Great to play out this summer for sure! Top remixes; too hard to pick a fav., will defo play & support!”
Corinne Houlihan (New City Sound)
“Good job on that one Rachel really dreamy and summery, nice vibez!”
Natalie Parker
“Yes, yes, yes…this rocks! The original and Ellektra mixes are both lovely, floating tracks…BUT for my peak time sets it’s got to be the Spekrfreks mix followed by Sergio & Gabry’s mix! Will play both over the weekend! Great release!”
Scott D’Souza
“Loving the vocals on this one, Rachel Ellektra’s is my fave!”
Ginny K
“Love it…especially the hard hitting electro vibes on the SpekrFreks Remix but my my favourite remix is Rachel’s California Dreaming Remix which is dance heaven progression with the techy beats to keep your feet moving along and the melody is infused beautifully!”
Nikki Flame
“Difficult to decide as all mixes are great but favour Rachel Ellektra’s Mix here. Another shiny sun filled release!! Excellent mixes all round.”
Audio Guru
“Another great Axis release!”
Tony Walker (Clubfreaks)
“Lenny Ruckus mix is cool, I will be radio playing this one, cheers!”
John Lewis
“A wonderful, floaty-light groover, california dreaming indeed!”
“Really, really liking this! looking forward to hammering out the SpekrFreks remix and also the Sergio Matina & Gabry Sangineto Remix! 9/10”
Ciaran Boast
“Lenny Ruckus & Ana Vida remix has a nice tribal feel to it, will play!”
Tony Holder
“Support for Lenny Rukus & Ana Vida Mix.”
Justin Ballard
Six Black Cordelias
“Will support it!”
Stacey Bowtell (Time 106)
Ian Buzz and Austin Heap are a talented duo going by the name of Relentless, a progressive/tech act straight out of San Francisco. Fuse the Stateside sunshine with prog house grooves and it makes for a wonderful combination. ‘The City Loves You’ is a wonderful slice of uplifitng electro-tinged progressive tech house with a simple, haunting, yet infectious vocal that is sure to get inside your head!

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