MARVIN GAYE – Sexual Healing OSPINA & OSCAR P Mixes


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Tom Novy, Inland Knights, Jerry Ropero, Knee Deep, Orde Meikle (Soma), Beatchuggers , Mikey Slim, Justin Testa, Wesley S, Mark Knight, DJ True, RedSoul, NaJ, Danae Jacovidis, Antony Angell, Alfred Azzetto, Smokin Groove, Abicah Soul, Roog / Hardsoul NL, Gianluca Pighi, DJ Dove, Robert Owens, Christian Alvarez, James Huxley, Marco Petralia, DJ Dealer, Brian Cheetham, Mikey Gallagher, Joshua Heath, Mauro Pagany, Dean Masi, Greg Fenton, Kevin McFarlane, Adam Vicious, Mikey D, Philip Turnipseed, Joan Ribas, Shuji Hirose, Lewis Dene, Matt Castelli , Mark Heyninck, Angel Manuel, Henri Kohn, Ludz L. Runeyi , Victor Simonelli , Colin Sales, Norty Cotto, Nick Power, K.D. Thompson, ACK, Ronnie Maze, Lucas Black, Randy Schlager, DJ Sted-E, Booker T, Jose Gonzalez / Fresh Sol, Jae Vynel , Camilo Salinas, Greg Stainer, Nathan Lee, Fresh 27, Havana Soul, MELCHYOR A, Hot Hands, Salah, Christian Scott, Ray Vasquez, Kenneth Abrahams, John Mazzella, Tony Lebron, Jan van Lier, Alex Michieli, Nicky Trax, Tommy Vee, Dean Facer, Nick Fiorucci, Bobby Leach, Richard Fenn, DJs Are Not Rockstars, Dean Saunders, Freddy Turner, Jamie Topham, Mannix, Ron Slomowicz, Neil Aline


AB Logic (Hoodfellas), William Haskins, DJ Del, Paul Wiltshire, DJ Christian, Frank Frenzy, Benn Hopkins, Alan Lee, DJ CRAIG DEMO, Steve Paradise, Fabrizio Marra, Jonathan Espinosa, MoD (Juan Sunshine) , Kuningas, Adam Clarke, Jeff Cavanaugh, Erez Eisenberg, Fabio Tosti, DJ Rohann Nunez, Taha Elroubi , Hippie Torrales, Jose Cervantes, Jodee Kitch, Chris King, Beppe Gioia, Luis Ramos, Jesse Martinez, AniSs HypNoise, Moba Sound, Marc Wilkie, Marcus Pearson, Dante Rivera, DJ Vas, Victor john Bradshaw, Deejay Kik, Jean Paul Francois, Felix ‘Feerock’ Ordonez, Venus Seven, Joseph Mercado, Kev Jones, Djdatgurl Curly Ruiz, Dick de Groot, Black Mighty Wax, John Kelly, Brian Morse, Angelo Draetta, Clemens Rumpf, Oliver Velay, Tommaso Dibello, Mika Juhani, DJ COCODIL, Mark Doggett, Jesus Roa, Juan Kato, Sammy Rock, Fruto Mejia, Franco Martinelli, Samuel Bee, J&M Brothers, Christian Homan, Mitsuaki Watanabe, IOSUPASTAR, DA Sunlounge, Marco Soundee, Jai Cortez, Richie H, Tommy T, Josh Wilkins, Freddy Santiago, Richie Vibe, DJ Groove, Niko Tune, Markie Bull, DJ Style, Miguel Carinhas, Matt Merson, DjPope, Asad Rizvi, Sakke Haaranen, Joanne Mather, James Blond, djSmall, Max Pela, Milty Evans, DJFoxxy, Spencer Bezy, William Otero, Mark Gene Santiago, Aurelio Martin


Tom Novy – Strip Mix….wow! Great music! Full Support!

Robert Owens – YES, YES YES!!!!!

Inland Knights – beats are badass which is why im going for the dub.

Roed Svensk / Knee Deep – Nice one. Loving the Dub of this one!

Bobby Leach / Clear Channel Radio – Sexual Healing…Great original to begin with.

Beatchuggers / Chuggy Traxx – Great rework of this classic

Wesley S & Mark Knight / TOOLROOM – the DUB BABY!!!!!!

Jose Maria Ramon / Ibiza Global Radio Fantastico!!! Will be a number one in my morning shows on Ibiza Global Radio – full support

DJ Dove – U guys rocked it!!!

Justin Testa / AOL Radio / Sprint/Nextel, AT&T, Alltel – Added!

Dom Armano / WXKS Kiss 108 Boston MA (Club Kiss Afterhours) —so smooth and sexy… simple and goes right through you!

Nathan Lee – Hed Kandi/MOS Radio Bad Ass… Once again the boys deliver the goods!

Abicah Soul – Love the track, and the dub does it for me….

Roog / Hardsoul NL – very nice, support!

Marco Petralia / Open Bar Music / BigCityBeats, Germany – Will be on my TopTen for the BeachSessions 9/10

Joan Ribas – Ibiza Global Radio / Pacha Hotel – Going into the playlist immediately…

MIkey D / Sirius – Love it!

Martina (Universe media) – Wonderful, Love it, Thanks for revisiting one of my top favourite artists of all time

Mannix / Tilllate Magazine Uk/Play FM/FM4/Double Jackpot – wow, great muzak, klassik track

Shuji Hirose / WYXT97.9FM/Soundmen Of Wax – Slammin mix!

Christian Alvarez / Delecto/Salted – Pretty cool….very NY. I’m digging it guys.

Adam Vicious – Loving your touch guys, well done!

James Huxley / Pulse Radio / Sydney/Berlin/London/Dubai – Nice nice. Digging the Strip mix

Brian Cheetham / Global Dance Session – Effective, cant wait to Drop it this weekend, and will open GDS with it this weekend (on over 150 fm stations)

Mikey Gallagher/HED KANDI – TUNE!

Jevne Miller – Solid healing here! GO Ospina & Oscar P!

Jerry Ropero / Interlabel Records – Amazing!

Lewis Dene / Hed Kandi America – Very clever guys – nice one for my pool party / beach sets – kudos!

Greg Fenton – Update Mag UK – Dope!

Kevin McFarlane / Tilllate magazine – Classic tune, good effort, nice to be able to play in 2010! Thanks

Matt Castelli – Soulman Music /MuzikxPress /South American House – Very Nice re work of a all time classic

Mark Heyninck / Hedkandi Belgium / FM Brussels – Still love the original one but this is a refreshing rework version. Full support!

Angel Manuel – great mix!!

Vito Insinga USA DANCE RADIO – Well Done!!!!

Gianluca Pighi – Very Nice mixes. Full support on Strip and Dub Mix

DJ True / ALMA – Them timeless lyrics are always guaranteed to make u move. Good stuff, keep doin’ it!

MELCHYOR A – Yes, yes, great stuf here brothas

Salah / GaGa Records – Great remix! Love it.

Sammy Rock / Cyberjamz Radio This is BEAST! another Classic Mix by Ospina and Oscar P!

DJ Dealer / Look At You Records – Nice one guys!

Joshua Heath – good lookin out! Very Nice…

Mauro Pagany / Distar Italy – yes we can

Dean Masi / So Deep Music – Great job on this remix. I’m really feeling it.

NORTY COTTO / Naughty Boy Music – Lovin the Brazilian style drums and soulful groove

Henri Kohn / a&r clubstar / conya, freelance, ibiza global radio – wooo wooo, nice one. feelin it. will play. bigups

Ludz L. Runeyi – After what u guys did to Seal’s “Violet”, Im very sure u did justice to Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”…..Nice!

Victor Simonelli – Will work it at all the upcoming gigs.

Colin Sales – Colours, Sco // Stereo Sushi // Global Groove show – HOT

Nick Power / Soul Kandi UK – Yeah bring back the soul man!!

K.D. Thompson – Godfather II – there at that dark, sleazy club to see a Cuban erotic show. This is the music that is playing. Heat! “Wooa, Frado, who told you abou this place?!”

ACK / Ahmet Celikkaya Ack verry cool!….Brooooo …WOW!

Ronnie Maze / Neurotic Groove – Best mix I’ve heard on this classic tune. Nice work.

Lucas Black / Respect Music, Radio Metro – Awesome spin on a classic track. Can’t wait to try this out on the weekend, and will play on our radio show. Class as always from Davidson and Oscar. Thanks

Randy Schlager / Seattle / KNHC/DMX – nice bounce and simplicity to it

D.j. Sted-E – Really Feeling This Classic Done Over To 2010 Properly !!

Booker T – London – nice bongo lick feelin it

Jose Gonzalez / Fresh Sol – Banging

Jae Vynel l I just listened to all 3 cutz, the dynamic duo have done it again!!!

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