VEGA RECORDS NEW RELEASE – The French Twins & David Walters – Leve Leve “Ce Pas Fot Mwen”

The French Twins & David Walters – Lévé Lévé “Cé Pas Fot Mwen”


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Credits for:
Produced & Arranged by: Boddhi Satva & The French Twins
Programmed by: Boddhi Satva & The French Twins
Written by: David Walters
Lyrics Co Written by: Mike Ibrahim
Lead Vocals by: David Walters
Chorus Vocals by: Heritier Ngoma
Composed by: Boddhi Satva, David Walters & Heritier.

Dj’s & Dancers alike, make room for Lévé Lévé “Cé Pas Fot Mwen”! The French Twins have spent the better part of the last decade making a name for themselves across the French and European scene and most recently the NYC underground has been feeling their strong presence. All their travels and efforts have lead them to this moment and this collaboration of great talents. Louie Vega, having recognized The French Twins, invited them to WMC in Miami the past 2 years to participate in the legendary Dance Ritual Parties at the Vagabond. This gave them a well deserved opportunity to show the world just what they can do! The Deep Afro-Latin music that has always influenced the French Twins.

Ohleev & Spud Aka, The French Twins, Dj’s, Sound Designer, Conceptor, Creator & Party Promoter, raised with Afro-Caribbean, Latin music and soaked into Soul, Jazz, Disco, New Jack Swing et Hip-Hop influences, started their artistic career in the early 90s.
Their musical eclectism and multiculturality led them to work with Respected artists such as: Oscar D’Leon, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Ruben Blades, Los Van Van, Jerome Prister, Kool and the Gang, Will Smith, Jay-Z, Puff Daddy, Black Eyed Peas, Fugees among others.
They have a strong practical experience as they totalize nearly 3000 events as DJ’s in less than 15 years … This is not a typing mistake: yes, nearly 3000! This helps building up a reputation!
Generosity, Fidelity, Reliability, Respect and Humility are the best way to describe the French Twins personality’s.

The title “Lévé Lévé” pays a tribute to French West Indies sounds, it combines musical elements from central and Caribbean Africa. Subtly mix together by Savoir-faire of The French Twins, David Walters and Boddhi Satva.

Just like the French Twins, David Walters catches his audience sensitivity with his organic grooves and elastic tones. With Two Albums under his belt and a long career as a Dj. He as established his name and sound in the music industry.

We thus have here, on the one part, some guys who thoroughly know the meaning of the word «events» …
And on the other, the Emperor of the Ancestral Soul, His Highness Boddhi Satva, famous producer, very popular for his numerous productions exceeding 200 references, who is also a master in his own field …
He draws his strength, spirituality and musical influences from his root continent, the Earth-Mother, the African cradle … The Ancestral Soul creator, among other things, resuscitates music by adding just the right amount of “Ancestral “ touch so that they may be rediscovered by the public and played all around the world … from Europe to Asia, through the West to be enjoyed by Americans, all the way to South Africa … Thus, you can be sure that the whole world can enjoy these fabulous auditory gifts!
His own label is called “Offering Records”, which says a lot about his personality and generosity.

This is the energy we crave on the scene, its infectious and filled with pure joy. No crowd will be able to resist the dance floor when Lévé Lévé “Cé Pas Fot Mwen” pumps through the system and no party will be complete till it gets played! Enjoy the music everyone and watch the dance floor erupt!

Special thanks to El Maestro, Little Louie Vega, for his tremendous talent, his belief in our association, our project and for everything he added to this music which we are totally in love with…and last but not least, let’s not forget that he is one of those who led electronic music where it stands today. Many thanks to Anane for representing the Caribbean and African Music and many thanks to Lou Gorbea our big brother connecter and amazing soul. We’d like to also aknowledge to our friend and brother Boddhi, Ancestral Emperor, Satva, a model of wisdom, always in search of sharing and giving, without whom this project would never have happened.

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