May 11th, 2010 SF MusicTech Summit



The SF MusicTech Summit brings together the thought leaders at the convergence of music and online technology to the region which leads the way in the evolving music/technology ecosystem. Entrepreneurs from companies large and small, developers, musicians, managers, lawyers, labels, service providers, press, investors, academics, authors, broadcasters, political representatives, and leading thought leaders from all the areas where music and technology converge, come together in person, at the intersection of culture and commerce.

We gather to connect and do business, to share what we are doing and to spot future trends, to see old friends, and meet new ones, to build our community, and raise each other up.

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in what we are working to make the best Summit of its type, as we all work to create a wold reknowned sustainable and ongoing San Francisco Bay Area based music and music/technology marketplace.

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