Wed, 5/5 Cinco De Mayo: Maad Soul LIVE @ Evil Olive – Chicago

Cinco De Mayo: Maad Soul LIVE Wed. May 5th

Start Time:
Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at 9:00pm
End Time:
Thursday, May 6, 2010 at 4:00am


Evil Olive and Allay Soul Present:We are launching into May with the summer quickly approaching. A very special Cinco De Mayo party with Live House Music Sensation Maad Soul Performing Live! we will be opening an hour earlier at 9pm, feel free to start texting 312 208 7458 to get in free! $5 Stoli Punches!

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

MAAD SOUL is an amazing combination of percussion, trumpet, saxophone and electric violin performing live with up-tempo Chicago House DJs creating a very sexy and soulful House vibe with Latin and jazz influences. The show brings an enormous amount of energy to any setting by combining Chicago House with live musicians.

Led by Chicago percussionist and founder Louie-Louie, MAAD SOUL has quickly become the future of club music. Live instrumentalists improvising to whatever sounds are thrown their way. This fusion of Acid Jazz, House, and Deep house music throws the audience into a trance which can’t be denied no matter how hard they try! The crowd notices something different from the first sound of the percussion groove through Latin & African inspired rhythms.

DJ David Sabat does what most DJ’s are afraid of doing….allowing the rhythm to groove you. He also gives the musicians what they need to improvise…. substance! The crowd’s senses become overwhelmed from the first time they hear the blistering yet harmonic sounds of Micha Frazier’s trumpet & from the outright ferociousness of Tommy Bradford’s saxophone. There is no logical explanation for what these performers do with dance music, only the feeling that it’s right, that this is what it’s supposed to sound like. The feeling of this musical expression of love & passion can only be summed up in two words: MAAD SOUL!

MAAD SOUL consists of Percussionist Louie-Louie, Trumpeter Micah Frazier, Saxophonist Tommy Bradford, and features DJ David Sabat. Madd Soul has performed at The Winter Music Conference in Miami and all over Chicago including the W Hotels, The Chicago Latino Network, Cuatro, Morseland, The Peninsula Hotel, The Victor Hotel, and Rios D’Sud America just to name a few. MADD SOUL’s popularity is growing daily and has become in high demand. Their performances have been raved about by everyone who experiences it.

Testimonials: “The first time I experienced MAAD SOUL, it gave me chills. The ability to see the source of the music that you are hearing right before your eyes is a whole different experience because it’s impromptu and unrehearsed. The marriage of a great DJ and great musicians create an organic experience, just like a jam session at a small club or a studio session, while still maintaining the underground house flavor!” – Steve “Silk” Hurley (4 time Grammy nominated DJ and producer)

“MAAD SOUL brings the live element & Djing together like no other band. Ttrust me, once you see them you will not be able to stand in one spot… HOTTT!!!” – Terry Hunter (DJ/producer, T’s Box Records)

“MAAD SOUL Is Mad For Real!!! Great artists that know how to put on a great show. If you haven’t caught them yet, put them down on your list of bands to check out!!! House 4 Life!!!!! – Stacy Kidd (DJ/producer, Defected Records, MAW Records)

“MAAD SOUL is an amazing collective of great artists together as one that put on a wonderful show. My man David Sabat and Louie-Louie are onto something really nice here. One of my last trips to play in Chicago I had the pleasure to see them all live and they were really well received by the crowd at Cuatro and put on a great performance.. Don’t sleep!” – Master Kev (DJ/producer, Defected Records, Code Red Records)

“I think its great to contain so many elements of talent under one umbrella. This is just what we need to start the quest for evolution. Keep up the good work.” – Mr Gene Hunt (DJ/producer, Got Soul Records)

“MAAD SOUL brings a unique & refreshing concept to the house music scene.” – Justin Imperiale (DJ/producer, Cabana Recordings)

“MAAD SOUL has become a unique cornerstone in the Chicago House scene. The different elements of live instrument(s) played over a fun – party house vibe is infectious. The energy generated by the frenzied crowd, in lockstep with the maad sound, is a emotionally high experience for all involved. And the best thing, MAAD SOUL gets better every performance, never letting the crowd down.” – Matt Navaro (Owner of Cuatro)

With residents Julius The Mad Thinker and Sean Strange. =)

Your host: Jojo Baby, Christopher Banks, Jonathan Lopez, Maxine, Andres, Eugene, Marion, Rachel, Eric Bollard and Rick of Allay Soul.

Taking Place at
Evil Olive
1551 W. Division

text 312 208 7458 to get in free/reduced admission

If you are expecting over 7 guests message me for details of how to get a wristband for free shots till 12am! =)

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