Fri, 4/23 – LOUIE DEVITO & DJ LEX @ Underbar – Boston, MA

Friday April 23, 2010

Extreme Rush Ventures/Bookings, Kingsize Boston & Global Entertainment Presents,




Coming back to Boston with the Extreme Rush Star



275 Tremont Street
Boston, MA


Since the last event the calls have not stopped coming in…..”Is he coming back…..”

The answer is YES! The DJ that shook up Boston, the DJ that had the women screaming “LOUIE LOUIE” tearing down the DJ booth is returning to the Legendary UDNERBAR.

– Doors open 10:30 pm
– Dress to impress
– 21 and over a must
– Ladies…..this time, keep you clothes on!!!

Louie Devito Bio:

Few DJs wake up each morning with the nagging dilemma of ‘Will I lose the Golden Ear’? Welcome to DJ Louie DeVito’s early morning crisis.

While most euro clubbers are fans of Oakenfold, Tiesto and Erik Morillo (the other mega DJs) — Louie DeVito has become a superstar among an entirely different audiences around the globe.

His N.Y.C. Underground Party, released on his own independent Elastik label, sold 450,000 copies. That may pale in comparison to CD sales of pop stars like Kelly Clarkson who sell in the millions, but it was enough to land Louie DeVito in the Guinness record books for all-time best-selling DJ mix compilation. Paul Oakenfold (listed in Guinness as the most successful DJ of all time) sold a mere 222,000 copies of his best-selling album to date, Tranceport (Kinetic).

“I called it ‘New York City Underground Party,'” explains DeVito, “but I’m the first to admit that for the hard clubber, there’s nothing underground about it. You have to define who you’re asking. For your average mainstream dance fan, it’s very underground.”

In spite of all the success, or perhaps because of it, there is one thing DeVito claims has eluded him in his music career – respect. He’s aware that many of his DJ peers consider him a sell out. DeVito inverted the hallowed DJ success paradigm, the one that clearly states that a DJ shall only release a CD (and then to generally modest success) after years of begging gigs at tiny clubs and working to headline at larger ones. DeVito was a Billboard success story before the club cognoscenti knew who he was.

DeVito, however, is unapologetic. “A lot of DJs in the club industry think that to be legit, you have to play hard, dark trance beats. I don’t subscribe to those edicts. As a DJ, I’m not playing for myself. I play what my crowd wants to hear.”
The music his crowd craves is an indulgent blend of radio-friendly club smashes, the sort of aerobicizing tracks where vocals are a prerequisite and the synth riffs are bigger than Yankee stadium. And though harder DJs may label his music ‘commercial’, it’s DeVito who is taking over the nation’s most prestigious booths. In addition to monstrous record sales, and because of them, he is being aggressively courted by the same clubs the trance DJs once believed was exclusive to them.
Case in point, DeVito released the much-anticipated Pacha CD (Pacha, for those outside of the club realm, is the crème de la crème of nightclub chains). There are Pachas in every major world city including New York, Rio De Janeiro, Madrid, and the party capital of the planet, Ibiza.
Landing the Pacha gig was a major coup for DeVito. It sent shock waves through a club community who despite his record sales, had misjudged DeVito’s viability in the scene. Now, no matter how they felt about his legitimacy, they could no longer deny Louie DeVito’s prominent position in the DJ hierarchy.

In support of the Pacha album, Louie DeVito will embark on an international Pacha tour. He will play every Pacha nightclub in the world, and spin the harder beats than what his American fans might be used to.

Due to the success of DeVito’s first Pacha CD including a June 07 and encore appearance at Pacha Ibiza, the fate of Louie’s craft has been embraced. A respectful second”Pacha NY“ double CD has been released on Ultra Records throughout the US and a remixed UK import on Pacha Recordings.
Today Louie continues to take his craft and skills to the next level with more focus on producing his own original material for future CD projects.

“I’ve built my career on what peers consider ‘mainstream driven’ music,” he says. “I don’t really care what DJs may say about me. I’m not playing for them. My only concern is giving a kick ass party. That’s what I’m about.”


DJ Lex Bio:


“When I grow up I want people to smile and dance whenever they see me!” The words of a kid years ago who today walks into a DJ booth and puts you at awe when the music comes on! Then he was known as a kid with a dream, now he is known as LEX.

A self-taught DJ, Lex began spinning Hip Hop at 12-years-old and for an 8 year stretch took his sounds from club to club as he progressed in music. At the age of 20, and learning a new sound called, “trance,” Lex suddenly grew into a producer and moved into a genre that opened many of his doors of today. The trance suddenly morphed into house music and every genre where a beat can be mastered.

Soon this “kid with a dream,” was now playing at some of the most world renown dance clubs such as Mansion, Crobar, Sound Factory, Stereo Night Club, Avalon, Spider Club and Discotheque just to name a few. His sound soon took control of the industry and he was headlining at every major venue.

Lex’s diverse taste has allowed him not to get categorized as a one-style dj and has allowed him to explore and incorporate new and different sounds to his styles. He spins a variety of House music such as Vocals, Progressive, Tribal, Tek, Commercial, and Underground.

Lex currently holds monthly residencies at one of New York City’s longest running parties “Asseteria” at Arena, and New Jersey’s “Splash Fridays” at Sandbar. He is also on the Pacha NY main floor rotation, working side by side with Chriss Vargas, Mario Calageri, DJ Vibe, David Guetta, Chus & Ceballos, and Jonathan Peters. He currently plays in New Jersey’s top clubs such as Bliss, Surf Club, & The Pool @ Harrah’s Casino in AC, and has expanded to Philadelphia, Virginia, and Miami. Lex also won first place in a DJ Competition held at Crobar/Studio Mezmor in 2007 and has continued to spin there now as M2.

Joining with Extreme Rush, Lex will be taken to new Global heights that will catapult him to a top 100 level. This is not a kid with a dream, this is a DJ/Producer who intends to shake up the entire industry!.


“NO ONE REMIX” By Alicia Keys & DJ LEX:


DJ LEX opening for Danny Tenaglia & Victor Calderone at Pacha NY:




Extreme Rush began over 17 years ago as a global promotional team led by Ele aka Lazar. Beginning at the legendary Club Warsaw and growing into NYC’s premier team at Deko’s, The Limelight, The Melting Pot, The Palladium & The Sound Factory to name a few. Throwing events from NYC to Miami, from Milan to London, the Extreme Rush name grew into a Global promotions and event planing organization. Over a decade in promotions, and with the addition of Danielle Kauderer, Extreme Rush moved into Corporate Event Planning & organization of large sale International events.

In the recent years, taking on a team that brought financing for growth, Extreme Rush branched out once again into an Institutional Marketing firm, planning events & marketing for clients such as The Greater NY Chamber of Commerce, The Army, The Arm Reserve, The Hollywood Guild, London’s Elite, and working side by side organizing major events for a slew of Multi-million dollar corporations. Moving from promotions into event planning and marketing, the team took an investment position in a well known Miami Dance Club known to many as Shadow Lounge.

For the last four years, the Extreme Rush team has taken NYC, Boston, Miami and London by storm with its Club promotions and well known events. In 2008, Ele & Danielle expanded again into forming Extreme Rush Bookings & Management, which has been a growing success to date. Booking Djs at venues Globally such as Todd Terry, Sasha, Victor Dinaire, Dennis Ferrer, Star Killers, Christopher Lawrence, Austin Leeds, and so many others, the management role followed. With the success of our hand full of DJ/Producers, we make our mark on the entertainment world.

In 2009, Extreme Rush became the Music/Program director for UNDERBAR Boston and is working closely on mammoth events at THE LEGENDARY ROXY. During that same year, Extreme Rush worked side by side with some of the strongest promotional teams in the world at the legendary Pacha NY.

2010 marks a new year and new focus for Extreme Rush. With a mammoth success of the Winter Music Conference throwing 9 global events and Cream Fields just around the corner, Extreme Rush has taken the promotions focus out of its forefront leaving Pacha NY and is set to growing its successful booking agency modeling its most admired firm, Amonly.

We will not stop as long as music plays and people want to smile!

For bookings, promotions and DJ demo’s, please contact our offices at:

115 East 57th Street
11th Floor
New York, NY 10022

NYC Office: 212-380-1116
NJ Office: 732-677-3735


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  2. i always recognize Danny De Vito as Penguin in the movie Batman**.

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