Just a matter of weeks remain until producer-slashstrokecum-legend Sandy Rivera’s next studio opus The Blackwiz Farm hits the audio-sphere. The Brooklyn-born artist releases second single Cosmo Bar to whet the appetite and increase the hype around what is building up to be one of the most hotly anticipated long players of 2010.

Cosmo Bar is a lesson in delicate techno finesse. Reverberating rhythms layer the lower end of the track, pizzicato strings gradually moving, stabbing, developing and duplicating their way towards a driving, hypnotic and elegantly crafted central theme.

In a world with enough wobbling basslines and abrasive beats to sink a battle ship, Rivera delivers a master class in intelligent production technique, proving you don’t need to make jump-up party bangers to give that tough edge – it’s a course that sees him steering even deeper into the progressive-techno heartland of his current Eastern-European musical obsession.

Cosmo Bar is out now on Beatport Exclusive, and released globally on Blackwiz Records on April 19th 2010. For more information on Cosmo Bar, Sandy Rivera presents The Blackwiz Farm and tour dates, please visit or

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